Meet the Applied Psychology Faculty

Klamath Falls

John Borgen

John Borgen, Psy.D., Assistant Professor


John Borgen earned his Doctorate of Psychology in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University in 2015. He started his education with a Bachelor of Science in Child Psychology from the University of Minnesota, and then worked in and supervised a unit at a residential treatment center for boys demonstrating aggressive or sexual acting out behavior. John obtained his Master of Science in Clinical Psychology from Marquette University and wrote his thesis on the academic implications of stereotype threat and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. John completed his predoctoral internship at the Munroe-Meyer Institute’s Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders in Omaha, completing rotations in Pediatric Feeding Disorders and Early Intervention. John completed his postdoctoral fellowship in the Pediatric Feeding Disorders Program at the Kennedy Krieger Institute at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

John is excited to teach psychology and behavior analysis courses at Oregon Tech! He has utilized applied behavior analysis clinically for over six years, and worked in outpatient, day treatment, and intensive settings. Beyond behavior analysis, John is interested in sports, health, and social psychology. John is an avid Packers fan, and also enjoys taking his Norwegian Elkhound for long walks both in and outside of Klamath Falls.

Alishia Huntoon, Ph.D.

Alishia Huntoon, Ph.D., Associate Professor

OfficeSemon Hall 101

Dr. Alishia Huntoon, Associate Professor of Psychology, is the Program Director of Applied Psychology for the Klamath Falls and Oregon Tech Online programs. Her undergraduate coursework was completed at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point where she double majored in Biology and Psychology and minored in Natural Sciences. It was at Washington State University that she earned her MS in Psychology and PhD in Experimental/Social Psychology.

It is the interaction with the students here at Oregon Tech that she enjoys the most. Along with the fascinating field of Psychology, she finds that people are interesting! She equally enjoys her online and on campus students and is inspired by seeing applied experience gained, in addition to academic success. She has first-hand observation in these student experiences as Externship Coordinator and the Youth Mentorship Program Director. She enjoys working with a variety of organizations throughout the Klamath Basin, including the Klamath Promise

Her interests, outside of work life include spending time with her family, traveling, hiking or biking the beautiful outdoors, and taking advantage of the local ski resorts in winter.

Kristen Konkel, Ph.D.

Kristen Konkel, Ph.D., Assistant Professor


Dr. Konkel joined the talented team of HSS professors in Fall 2014 as an Assistant Professor of Applied Psychology. As an undergraduate, she studied both Psychology and Philosophy and the University of Akron in Ohio. In 2009 she moved out West to attend graduate school and received her Master's and Ph.D. in Applied Social and Health Psychology at Colorado State University. There, she gained extensive experience in prevention program design and evaluation, innovative methodology and research design, and adolescent health behaviors. Her interests include using psychological principles and theory to change behaviors and improve health outcomes. She focuses on health-related needs of her own community and works with students, faculty, and community leaders within Klamath Falls. Currently, she is working on projects to help improve adolescent health, reduce adolescent substance use, and evaluate active transportation attitudes and habits in town. 

Kristen is a passionate teacher and enjoys teaching Health Psychology, Research Methods, and Applied Statistics. She is the co-advisor of the Psych Club, Circle K, and Psi Chi, and serves as an Honors Mentor. Outside of work, Kristen enjoys skiing, cycling, camping, backpacking, and being with her dog, Evie.
Trevor Petersen, Ph.D.

Trevor Petersen, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

OfficeSemon Hall 106
Dr. Petersen earned his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Ohio University. He teaches the more clinically focused courses within the applied psychology program. These classes include Basic Counseling Techniques, Advanced Counseling Techniques, Abnormal Psychology, Abnormal Behavior in Children and Adolescents, and Psychoactive Drugs I & II. Dr. Petersen is an advisor to the Psych Club/Psi Chi and a director of the Relationship Building/Community Engagement program. His research interests include studying the outcomes of secondary prevention for at-risk college student populations.

Maria Lynn Kessler, Ph.D.

Maria Lynn Kessler, Ph.D., Professor

OfficeWilsonville 435
Dr. Kessler earned her Ph.D. from Florida State University. Go Noles! She is an excellent instructor and has won many awards and honors. Her academic training is primarily in behaviorism, but she would never hurt a pigeon. Dr. Kessler is the program director of the Applied Psychology program on the Wilsonville campus, which offers a B.S. and minor in Applied Psychology, as well as a new BCABA certificate and an Master's in Education with an emphasis in ABA and autism. She is also a co-director of the Oregon Tech Relationship Building Program, which trains students to work with families in the DHS system.

Dr. Kessler loves living in the Pacific Northwest, and her time here has served her well in her athletic pursuits, which include lots of running, skiing, and hiking. She has completed the Boston Marathon three times.