Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the pre-dental hygiene program and the professional program?

The pre-dental hygiene program refers to the year of prerequisite courses or the freshman year. Some students complete pre-dental hygiene courses in one year. Some students choose to take longer to complete their coursework. The professional program refers to the sophomore, junior and senior level coursework that includes clinical practice, community health planning and other dental hygiene courses. The professional program is limited in enrollment.

How many students will you take into the professional program?

Program enrollment is different at each Oregon Tech dental hygiene program site. We accept 24-27 students in Klamath Falls; 24-26 students in La Grande; and 20 students in Salem.

How do I get into the program?

You must first take the prerequisite courses (freshman year) and apply directly to the dental hygiene program. Prerequisite courses include anatomy, chemistry, microbiology, nutrition, writing, math and others. For a complete listing of prerequisites, click on the Pre-Dental Hygiene link on the main dental hygiene page at or download the course list from the same site.

I see that I need to take a course called 'Introduction to Dental Hygiene'. What if my school doesn't offer that course?

You may take that course online from Oregon Tech. The course is DHE 100 Introduction to Dental Hygiene. It is offered every quarter. This course must be complete or in progress at the time of your application during the spring quarter prior to your planned entry in the fall for the professional program. View information about course registration.

Do I have to have all the prerequisites entirely finished before I can apply to the program?

The application deadline is during the spring quarter and you may have courses that are in progress at that time. DHE 100 must be completed or in progress by the spring quarter that you apply to the program. All other courses must be completed by the end of summer quarter. If you are selected for entry into the program, your admission will be contingent upon your successful completion of all prerequisite courses prior to fall quarter.

How do I apply to the program?

You will need to apply for admission to Oregon Tech and for admission to the program. Each application is a separate process. You may apply online for admission to Oregon Tech at You may download the dental hygiene application at Be sure to follow the instructions carefully and make note of the application deadline in April.

What are the criteria for entry into the program?

Specific criteria for entry into the program are listed in your application packet. To meet minimum eligibility for the professional program you must:

  • Be on track to complete all pre-dental hygiene courses by fall quarter of the year of entry
  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.50
  • Have applied for admission to Oregon Tech

The criteria for acceptance into the program includes:

  • Cumulative GPA
  • Math/Science GPA
  • Transcript review
  • Writing Score
  • Interview Score

Additional consideration is given to Oregon Tech, Chemeketa Community College and Eastern Oregon University students.

What does it cost to be in the professional program?

In addition to tuition and books you will incur expenses for course and lab fees, instruments, scrubs, student association dues and conference attendance. You may want to refer to the published estimated expenses for dental hygiene students at each location's web page.

I applied for admission to Oregon Tech, but my application may not be processed before the dental program application deadline. Will that affect my program application?

Dental program applications will be accepted as long as you have already applied for admission to Oregon Tech, regardless of admission status at the deadline.

I want to apply to more than one program location. Do I need to submit a separate application for each program?

No. You may apply to any or all of the professional programs with one application.

Do I need to submit two sets of official transcripts?

Yes. Submit one set of transcripts for all colleges or universities attended directly to the Office of Admissions. Submit the other set directly to the Dental Hygiene Department.

Will you need transcripts for spring and summer coursework?

If you are finishing prerequisites during spring and summer terms, please submit unofficial transcripts to the Dental Hygiene Department at the end of each term. You may fax transcripts to 541.885.1849, email to, or send via postal mail. Official transcripts for spring and summer coursework will need to be submitted to the Office of Admissions prior to program entry.

Can transcripts be sent independent of my application?

Yes. Official transcripts for the Office of Admissions must be mailed directly to their location. Official transcripts for the Dental Hygiene Department can be mailed to us directly from each institution, or you can forward them to us for review.

Do I need to submit my Oregon Tech transcript?

No. Your Oregon Tech transcript will be printed and placed in your applicant file.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Please submit a check or money order with your application made payable to Oregon Tech Dental Hygiene.

Where do I send my application?

Mail your application to Oregon Tech, Dental Hygiene Department, 3201 Campus Drive SE 212, Klamath Falls, OR 97601. Please allow ample time for your application to reach the department via postal mail.

Will you accept my application as long as it is postmarked by the deadline?

All applications must be received by 5:00 pm the day of the deadline.

Can I hand deliver my application?

You may drop off your application anytime between 8 am and 5 pm in Semon Hall, room 212.

I forgot to include my application evaluation fee. Can I send it separately?

Yes. Please mail the fee to Oregon Tech, Dental Hygiene Department, 3201 Campus Drive SE 212, Klamath Falls, OR 97601.

I submitted my application but would like to change my program choice(s). Can I do that?

Yes. Please email to modify your program choice(s). Changes can be made up until student selection.

Will I be interviewed at my preferred site?

While applicant location is taken into consideration, it does not guarantee that you will be interviewed at the site you prefer. There are limits as to how many applicants each site can interview.

Who can I contact for more information?

For general application and interview questions:

     Jamie Powell,, 541.885.1669

For specific questions regarding the dental hygiene programs including coursework and transferability:

     Klamath Falls - Evelyn Hobbs,, 541.885.1360

     La Grande - Viki Points,, 541.962.2169

     Salem - Paula Hendrix,, 503.584.7103