How to Apply to the Dental Hygiene Program

You may apply to any or all of the entry level dental hygiene programs with one application. Prerequisite (pre-dental hygiene) courses are the same for all campus-based programs. Application to the dental hygiene program is accomplished through ADEA DHCAS at

Minimum Eligibility

To be considered for selection into any of the professional programs in dental hygiene, you must be eligible and apply for admission. Eligibility is contingent upon the following qualifications being met:

  1. You must have successfully completed or be in progress of completing all freshman pre-dental hygiene courses. Completion of Introduction to Dental Hygiene (DH 100 on campus or DHE 100 online) is required by the end of spring term of the year of application. View information about DHE 100 registration. All other prerequisite courses must be completed by the end of summer term of the year of application. If you are taking prerequisite courses outside of Oregon Tech, see the articulation agreements page to ensure transfer course equivalency.
  2. You must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50.

Admission Process

Step One — Apply for Admission to Oregon Tech Dental Hygiene Program

File an Application for Admission with ADEA DHCAS at   It is recommended that you apply for admission no later than March 1, 2016.  Please check with the OIT Office of Admissions regarding the deadline for scholarships. The deadline for application submissions is April 15, 2016.

Admissions Criteria

The following criteria are considered and awarded points when determining admission to the professional programs:

  • Cumulative GPA
  • Math/Science GPA
  • Personal Essay score
  • Interview score*
  • Oregon Tech, Chemeketa Community College, or Eastern Oregon University student

Additional criteria for consideration may include:

  • The number of prerequisite courses completed at the time of application
  • Completion of courses beyond the prerequisites
  • Course repeats
  • Course history
  • Previous program alternate status

Student Selection and Program Entry

Candidates are placed in rank order and selected according to their rank. A few positions may be selected through lottery.

Final acceptance of selected students is contingent upon the following:

  1. Successful completion of any prerequisite courses in progress at the time of application by the end of summer term. This excludes DH 100/DHE 100 which must be completed by the end of spring term.
  2. Successful completion of background check and drug test. Instructions will be provided to students in the dental hygiene program welcome packet.

If a selected student declines or is unable to enter the program, a replacement may be selected from the ranked alternate list.


Please see the FAQs page under Additional Resources.

*Interviews will be held May 20, 2016. Students selected to proceed to the interview stage will be contacted via e-mail regarding the exact interview date, time and location.

The Oregon Tech Dental Hygiene Department reserves the right to modify the criteria and process for admission to the dental hygiene programs on an annual basis.