Alumna, Class of 2011

What made you decide to attend OIT?

OIT has an exceptional ultrasound program. It is one of the only schools on the west coast that offers a bachelor's degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. OIT had just what I was looking for: a small professor to student ratio, top of the line ultrasound equiptment, and a great employment after graduation percentage (95%).

What is (or was) your favorite class?

My favorite class that I've taken at OIT was Anatomy and Physiology. The human body is so fascinating and the intense curriculum really helps to prepare you for the heavy load in your program. I loved the professors; they're so brilliant and have such a great desire to help students succeed.

What career do you hope to have after you graduate from OIT?

I hope to get a job as a ultrasonographer in a hospital or at a private clinic after graduation.

What's the best thing about OIT?

In every class that I've taken at OIT, the professors have known me and I know them. They care about their students and do everything they can to help them succeed. I'm always in my professor's offices getting feedback and asking questions.

Do you have any advice for new students?

My advice to new students would have to be to get involved in and around OIT. OIT has a million clubs and opportunities for people to get to know one another. OIT has so many amazing people. This is my third year and I'm still meeting people who are awesome.