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Embedded Systems Engineering Technology

Embedded Systems Engineering

Embedded systems encompass such diverse products as interactive multimedia, printers, medical equipment, avionics equipment, kitchen appliances, cell phones and automotive engine management units. Oregon Tech's program is dedicated to the design and implementation of embedded systems, the circuitry and software that facilitate the use of technology in society.

Degree Offered

Bachelor of Science in Embedded Systems Engineering Technology


Klamath Falls

Objective of the Curriculum

The goal of the Embedded Systems program is to prepare students with the skills demanded by real-world industrial applications. Key to this process is the direct involvement of the Embedded Systems industries. Specific areas of preparation include:

  • Embedded Systems Design Methods-methods and techniques specific to the creation of an embedded system that integrates both software and hardware to fulfill a set of requirements.
  • Software Engineering Methods-methods specific to development of software for embedded systems, including implementation, maintenance and testing.
  • Systems Software Development - device driver development, multiprocessing control systems, and the software necessary to directly access and manipulate hardware.
  • Architectural Elements of Embedded Systems- methods and techniques for designing and implementing hardware components for embedded systems such as application-specific integrated circuits and System-On-a-Chip (SoC) technology.
  • Real-Time High-Reliability and High-Availability Processing-methods and techniques necessary for understanding, evaluating and addressing quality attributes most often associated with embedded systems such as real-time deadlines, high availability, survivability, and safety.
  • Data Communications-methods and techniques for developing distributed systems within embedded environments that use physical or wireless networking.

Cooperative Field Experience

The cooperative program includes work experience during the junior and senior years. The co-op period is an employment arrangement with an employer in the area of the student's major field with normal salary and academic credit. These arrangements are made on an individual basis and the student is under no obligation to accept permanent employment with any previous co-op employer.

Required Student Equipment

Successful completion of this degree requires intensive, hands-on use of computers. Therefore, all students are required to own their own computer. To ensure compatibility with campus-wide computers and networks, students should consult a department faculty member for a specification sheet. Financial aid may be available to help defray the cost of this equipment. Please consult the Financial Aid Office at Oregon Tech.

For More Information

Troy Scevers

Troy Scevers, ESET Program Director