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Ecolunch Seminar Series

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The Ecolunch Seminar Series provides a semi-weekly forum for invited speakers to interact with Oregon Tech faculty, students, and community members about their work.  It is meant to help connect faculty and students with researchers, scientists, and resource managers on topics of mutual interest.  Seminars generally take place in Dow 251 on Wednesdays,  although alternate times can be arranged. If you would like suggest a topic for an Ecolunch Seminar, please contact Michael L. Hughes at 541-885-1642 or michael.hughes@oit.edu.

The following is a comprehensive list of Ecolunch Seminars:

Winter 2012

M.L. Hughes, Oregon Tech
Past, present, and future of selected science issues in the Upper Klamath Basin

Dennis Taugher 
Planning for the Great Klamath Circle Trail

Jim Litts, Klamath Wetland Education and Research Institute (KWERI)
Recent activities of the Klamath Wetland Education and Research Institute (KWERI)

Mac Brock, Crater Lake National Park
The Science and learning Center at Crater Lake National Park

Doug Matheson 
Sustainability and Our Status 50 Years from Today

Liam Sheck, US Geological Survey 
Water-quality monitoring program overview for Upper Klamath Lake

Spring 2012

Todd Kepple, Klamath County Museum
Newly discovered available historical photos of the Klamath Reclamation Project 

Eric Janney, US Geological Surve y 
Sucker Monitoring in the Upper Klamath Basin 

Michelle Jones, US Forest Service 
The Rocky Road to Management of Motorized Access by Route Designation:  Implementation of the Forest Service's 2005 Travel Rule

Fall 2012

Michael L. Hughes, Oregon Tech
Environmental Sciences Program Updates and the Summer Field Institute

Ron Swisher, Oregon Tech
Reflections on the Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of America in Portland

Dave Hewitt, US Geological Survey
Fish-eating birds and endangered suckers in the Upper Klamath Basin

15-Nov (Special time, 7PM in the CU Sunset Room)
Sue Mattenberger, US Fish and Wildlife Service
Recent Restoration of the South Fork Sprague River near the Deming Creek Confluence