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Summer Field Institute

Kiger Gorge with Student
A Summer Field Institute student takes in Kiger Gorge on Steens Mountain

The Oregon Tech Summer Field Institute, first offered in 2012, is a coordinated set of courses designed to provide students with significant hands-on learning in specialized field settings. Courses are meant to be complimentary and are scheduled in such a way to maximize student participation in multiple courses. Therefore, they are often taught on focused topics in compressed, one-week formats.  In addition, some courses are open to high school students, who may want to earn college credit while exploring a major in Environmental Sciences, or professional participants, who may be seeking continuing education for specialized skills in emerging or rapidly evolving fields of study.

Summer Field Institute Courses for 2012 include: 


BIO 111 Introduction to Environmental Sciences (4 credits)
Dates: July 9 - 20
Instructor:  Lloyd Parratt

BIO 207 Field Entomology (3 credits)
Dates:  August 13 - 17
Instructor: Teresa Piacenza

ENV 207 Field Research Project (3 – 5 credits)
Dates: To be arranged with instructor
Instructor:  Michael L. Hughes

ENV 336 Environmental Hydrology (4 credits)
Dates: July 23 – August 17
Instructor:  David Thaemert

ENV 407 Field Research Methods (4 credits)
Dates:  To be arranged with instructor
Instructor:  Michael L. Hughes

GEOG 407 Landscapes of Oregon: Steens Mountain (3 credits)
Dates: August 6 – 10
Instructor:  Michael L. Hughes

GEOL 407: Hydrologic Field Methods (4 credits)    
Dates:  June 25 - 29, 2012
Lead Instructor: Michael L. Hughes
Guest Instructors: John Sloat, Senior Hydrologist, Sontek & Randy Hadland, PNW Regional Manager, YSI

For more information contact: Dr. Michael L. Hughes at 541-885-1642 or michael.hughes@oit.edu

Wood River Doppler
Deploying the RiverSurveyor M9 on the Wood River, Geol 407 Hydrologic Field Methods