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Justin Roberts

Justin Roberts

Student, Class of 2013
Major(s): Geomatics
Hometown: Eugene, Oregon

Why did you choose Oregon Tech?

I chose OIT for a number of reasons. Only Fresno State and OIT have four-year land surveying programs relatively near my home, and OIT’s program has a higher job placement rate as well as having every lab be a “hands-on” environment. The class sizes are also much smaller at OIT, as compared to Fresno State.

What do you like best about your major?

One of the things I like best about my fields of study is the amount of hands-on work in which we participate. We don’t simply read about the methods in a textbook and memorize them. We actually get outside and use the equipment we’ll be working with once we graduate.

What clubs or activities are you involved with?

I am currently a rock wall staff member who operates the rock wall in the Castle Quad (Traditional Residence Hall). I have also been accepted to become an Oregon Tech Ambassador for the 2011-2012 school year.

What career do you hope to have after you graduate from Oregon Tech?

I worked with the US Forest Service last summer and I will be working out of the same office this summer. I hope to transition to a permanent position with the Forest Service when I graduate in 2013.

Do you have any advice for incoming students?

Time management is a huge key to success. I can’t stress that enough. Too many times have I found myself with free time that has been wasted, instead of working on assignments.