Health Informatics Courses

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Core IT and Health Informatics Courses

One of the goals of the Health Informatics Program at Oregon Tech is to build a strong foundation in Information Technology as well as the discipline of Health Informatics. In the upper division course sequence acquired knowledge and competencies are integrated with hands-on experiential learning to provide career-ready skills in Health IT and Health Informatics.

The IT and HI course tracks include:

  • Networks ( 3-5 courses)
  • Project Management/Systems Analysis (3-4 courses)
  • Database (3-5 courses)
  • Computer Programming (2-3 courses)
  • Health Informatics (5-6 courses)

Click on the diagram below to see the sequencing of core courses that are related and integrated into the IT and HI curricula.

Information Technology and Health Informatics Course Tracks (2013-2014)

HI Core Course Sequence