Curriculum Map for Mechanical Engineering


Required courses and recommended terms during which they should be taken are displayed below.

These maps are provided for general planning purposes only. Students should consult with their academic advisor for complete degree requirements.

CHE201 General Chemistry I 3    
CHE204 General Chemistry I Laboratory 1    
ENGR111 MMET Orientation 2    
WRI121 English Composition 3    
Humanities/Social Science Elective1
College Algebra (if suggested by advisor)2
Total   12    
CHE202 General Chemistry II   3  
CHE205 General Chemistry II Laboratory   1  
MFG103 Introductory Welding Processes   3  
WRI122 Argumentative Writing   3  
Humanities/Social Science Elective1
Trigonometry (if suggested by advisor)2
Total     13  
MATH251 Differential Calculus     4
MET160 Engineering Materials I     3
MET241 CAD for Mechanical Design I     2
MFG120 Manufacturing Processes I     4
SPE111 Public Speaking     3
Total       16
MATH252 Integral Calculus 4    
MET242 CAD for Mechanical Design II 2    
PHY221 General Physics with Calculus 4    
WRI227 Technical Report Writing 3    
Economics Elective 3    
Total   16    
ENGR211 Engineering Mechanics: Statics   4  
MATH254N Vector Calculus I   4  
PHY222 General Physics with Calculus   4  
Statistics Requirement3   4  
Total     16  
ENGR213 Engineering Mechanics: Strength of Materials     4
ENGR236 Fundamentals of Electric Circuits     3
ENGR266 Engineering Computation     3
MATH321 Applied Differential Equations I     4
PHY223 General Physics with Calculus     4
Total       18
MATH341 Linear Algebra I 4    
MECH318 Fluid Mechanics I 4    
MECH363 Engineering Instrumentation 3    
MET375 Solid Modeling 3    
MFG314 Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing 3    
Total   17    
ENGR212 Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics   3  
ENGR355 Thermodynamics   3  
MECH315 Machine Design I   3  
MECH360 Engineering Materials II   3  
MET326 Electric Power Systems   3  
SPE321 Small Group and Team Communication   3  
Total     18  
HUM125 Introduction to Technology, Society and Values     3
MATH451 Numerical Methods I     4
MECH313 Thermodynamics II     3
MECH316 Machine Design II     3
MECH Elective4     3
Total       16
MECH323 Heat Transfer I 3    
MECH351 Finite Element Analysis 3    
MECH490 Senior Projects I 3    
WRI327 Advanced Technical Writing 3    
Fluid Mechanics II Requirement5 3    
MECH Elective4 3    
Total   18    
MECH437 Heat Transfer II   2  
MECH480 Mechanical Vibrations   3  
MECH491 Senior Projects II   3  
PHIL331 Ethics in the Professions   3  
Humanities/Social Science Elective1   3  
MECH Elective4   3  
Total     17  
MECH436 Classical Control Systems     3
MECH492 Senior Projects III     3
MGT345 Engineering Economy     3
Humanities/Social Science Elective1     3
MECH Elective4     3
Total       15

Total Credits Required for B.S. in Mechanical Engineering: 192

1 Along with HUM 125, PHIL 331 and an Economics course, another 3 credits of Humanities courses and 9 credits of Social Science courses. Furthermore, activity or performing-based Humanities courses are not accepted.
2 MATH 111 (College Algebra) and MATH 112 (Trigonometry) should be taken if needed to adequately prepare for MATH 251. Any credits earned from these courses do not apply to the degree program. Consult with an academic advisor for further guidance.
3 Select either MATH 361 (Statistical Methods I) or MATH 465 (Mathematical Statistics). MATH 465 is required for students who are pursuing a minor field of study in Applied Mathematics.
4 Consult with an academic advisor or program director regarding available and appropriate MECH elective courses. MET and MFG electives are not acceptable.
5 Select either MECH 417 or MECH 418, depending upon which course is currently offered.