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Pre-Medical Imaging Technology

First Year Curriculum/Pre Requisites

    These courses must be completed or in progress in order to apply for a Medical  Imaging program.

These maps are provided for general planning purposes only. Students should consult with their academic advisor for complete degree requirements.

BIO231 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4    
CHE101 Introduction to General Chemistry 3    
CHE104 Introduction to General Chemistry Lab 1    
MATH111 College Algebra 4    
MIT103 Introduction to Medical Imaging 3    
Total   15    
BIO232 Human Anatomy and Physiology II   4  
MATH112 Trigonometry   4  
WRI121 English Composition   3  
Humanities elective   3  
Social Science elective   3  
Total     17  
BIO200 Medical Terminology     2
BIO233 Human Anatomy and Physiology III     4
PSY Psychology (201, 202, or 203)     3
SPE111 Fundamentals of Speech     3
WRI122 Argumentative Writing     3
Total       15