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MS in Engineering (Multiple Specialties)

About the Program

What is the Master of Science in Engineering (MSE)?

The MS in Engineering (MSE) at Oregon Tech is designed to prepare engineering professionals with advanced knowledge and skills in high-demand multidisciplinary fields who are ready to assume a broad range of technical and leadership roles.

The MSE is a multidisciplinary program designed as a highly customizable and modular MS engineering degree, which enables students to choose coursework from multiple disciplines to design specialties typically not available in the classical engineering MS degrees.

The flexibility in the MS in Engineering degree ensures a relevant, up-to-date educational experience, and the ability to meet urgent industry needs in multidisciplinary technical fields. The program is designed to provide maximum flexibility while maintaining academic rigor.

What specialties are offered in the MSE program?

Oregon Tech currently offers a multidisciplinary MS in Engineering degree (MSE) where students take courses in Systems Engineering, Research Methods & Innovation (covering peer-reviewer research, IP fundamentals, and technology commercialization), as well as engineering specialization courses from the various engineering disciplines.

Additionally, students can choose to focus on a particular technical field. These include the following MSE specialty degrees:

  • MSE in Systems Engineering
  • MSE in Optical Engineering
  • MSE in Embedded Systems Engineering & Interconnected Devices

For more information, consult the MSE Program Presentation. The MSE Systems Engineering can be completed fully online. The MSE in Optical Engineering and the MSE in Embedded Systems Engineering & Interconnected Devices are available at the Wilsonville Campus. 

How can I apply to the MSE program?

MSE Application for applicants with a BS in an engineering or related field.

Applications materials sent directly by the applicant may be emailed to oit@oit.edu, or mailed. Transcripts, transcript evaluations, and test scores must be mailed from the originating agency (e.g., official transcripts must be mailed from the relevant university).

Letters of Recommendation

References can be emailed to oit@oit.edu from the evaluator's professional email account.

Letters can be from professors, academic advisors, work supervisors, and mentors. They should be focused on assessing the applicant's potential as an engineering student at the graduate level (MS), as well as the professional success or potential for future professional success.

The reference letters should be between 1 and 2 pages long.

What are the Admissions Requirements for the MSE?

Admission Requirements

  1. Meet Oregon Tech Graduate Admissions Requirements.
    BS degree in engineering, physical science, or related technical field (depending on specialty).
  2. Show evidence of 1) potential for graduate level academic work, 2) work experience or potential for success in industry, and 3) demonstrated interest in selected area of specialty. This evidence is to be provided as part of a Personal Statement, Resume, and two Reference Evaluations for Graduate Admission.

What are the MSE degree requirements?

  1. Minimum Credit Requirement: 45 credits (12-15 graduate courses; quarter system)
  2. Specialization Credit Requirement: 15 or more (4 to 5 specialization courses)
  3. Residency Requirement: 30 or more credits at Oregon Tech
  4. Completion of Approved Plan of Study:
    • - Defined Specialty (Specified Plan of Study)
    • - Custom Specialty with Advisory Committee Approval (Advisor(s), Program Director, Department Chair)

How do I refer to the Specialty MSE degrees on my resume and how is it transcript?

The MSE Specialties appear on the official transcript. Consequently, the following designations are appropriate:
  • Master of Science in Engineering - Specialty Name (e.g., Master of Science in Engineering - Systems Engineering),
  • M.S. Engineering - Specialty Name, or
  • M.S.E. Specialty name.
As an example, in the case of students completing the Systems Engineering MSE Specialty, the appropriate degree designations include:
M.S. in Engineering - Systems Engineering
M.S. Engineering - Systems Engineering
M.S.E. Systems Engineering

Programs and Locations

Graduate Programs Online Blended/Wilsonville
Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) X X
Concurrent Bachelor Degree in Engineering and Masters of Science in Engineering (MSE)
MSE in Systems Engineering X X
MSE in Optical Engineering X
MSE in Embedded Engineering & Interconnected Devices

Application for Admissions

We are currently receiving applications for Fall 2017. We are accepting applications up to July 1st for Fall 2017 admission.  It is highly recommended applications be submitted as soon as possible, especially for international students or students who want to be considered for a Graduate Assistantship.

Concurrent accelerated BSEE/MSE and BSREE/MSE Program Formats

Candidates interested in earning a bachelor of science in electrical or renewable energy engineering may apply to the accelerated BS/MS program. Both degrees are awarded simultaneously at the completion of the program.
  • Undergraduate students earning a first bachelor's degree - Students enrolled in undergraduate BSEE or BSREE programs can usually complete both degrees within five years.
  • Post-baccalaureate students - Students who are interested in the MSE but do not have undergraduate degrees in engineering may wish to consider this accelerated program. Coursework from a first bachelor's degree can often be used to meet BSEE and BSREE requirements, allowing students to focus on the upper-division technical courses that will prepare them for master's-level engineering work.

To apply for the accelerated MSE program, a student must be admitted to the undergraduate BSEE or BSREE program at Oregon Tech.