Jherime Kellermann

Mt. Scott looking west Crater Lake
Jherime Kellermann

Jherime Kellermann, Assistant Professor & Science Coordinator Crater Lake National Park Science & Learning Center


What I do

I have an exciting and unique joint position.  As part of a cooperative agreement, I am an assistant professor at Oregon Tech in the Natural Sciences Department and I am the Science Coordinator of the Crater Lake National Park Science & Learning Center.  I work with students, researchers, and the public to advance science and education and build greater understanding and appreciation for the ecology and natural resources of the most unique places on earth!

Courses I teach

Principles of Biology
Wildlife Ecology & Research
Conservation Biology
Developmental Biology
Crater Lake Ecology 


PhD (2013) Wildlife Conservation & Management, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 

MS (2007) Wildlife, Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA

BA (1998) Multiple Major - Anthropology & Psychology, Penn State, University Park, PA

News & Events

Click on the ​News & Events ​link in the navigation pane to learn more about our recent 2014 Lepidoptera BioBlitz, including photographs, species lists, and the participants who volunteered in this important citizen science event!



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