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How to Apply for Nursing Program

Admission to the nursing program is competitive, based on a number of criteria including prerequisite GPA and a proctored essay. Prior experience, paid, volunteer or personal, in the medical field is a plus. Students apply in the Winter (deadline February 15) for admission to the professional program in September. Prior to September admission, a number of pre-requisite courses must be completed, including a full year of anatomy and physiology as well as nutrition, psychology, writing and other classes—see curriculum map and additional OHSU resources at right for a complete list.

Prior to applying, students must have completed at least 30 credits (2 terms) of classes. Classes still being taken during winter term do not count towards this requirement. For this reason, most students actually spread their prerequisite coursework over two years, although it is possible for students to complete all prerequisite classes in one year as long as they have some prior college credit.

Students accepted to the OHSU Nursing program will spend the next three years (beginning in September) on the Oregon Tech campus and clinical sites in the Klamath basin (dually enrolled at OHSU and Oregon Tech) completing their nursing courses, clinical training and remaining general coursework, then graduate with their B.S. in Nursing from OHSU. Graduates are well-prepared to pass the NCLEX national licensing exam, whereupon they will be qualified to practice as Registered Nurses in Oregon or other states.

OHSU Nursing Application