Sierra Miller

Sierra Miller

Alumna, Class of 2011
Major(s): Radiologic Science

What made you decide to attend OIT?

An excellent Radiologic Science program in Oregon where I can earn a bachelor's degree.

What is (or was) your favorite class?

I love my positioning class because anatomy fascinates me.

What career do you hope to have after you graduate from OIT?

I would like to either specialize into PET/CT [Positron Emission Tomography/ Computed Tomography] or earn an MBA and manage an imaging department one day.

What's the best thing about OIT?

I love the small class sizes and the friendliness of the Res Hall community. I have found that people care about each other and want to make friends with new and returning students.

Do you have any advice for new students?

Work hard and have fun. College is both a great learning and social experience.