Taylor Redding

Taylor Redding

Alumnus, Class of 2015
Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Why did you choose Oregon Tech?

I chose Oregon Tech for three primary reasons. First, I chose engineering because I like to understand how things work and also, engineering degrees offer some of the highest starting salaries in industry and prepares students for the widest range of jobs. Secondly, Oregon Tech was the only school that offered a Bachelor of Science in Renewable Energy Engineering. This major matched my worldview but also came with job opportunity risks when compared to more standard mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering. The third reason was the small class sizes because this enabled me to maximize my knowledge by pulling from professors’ expertise and I knew that if I put in the effort, I would be able to earn their recommendations when advancing from academia to industry.

What do you like most about your major?

The best part about the Renewable Energy Engineering program is that it prepares me for a career that provides society with a service in which I can feel proud to participate! The BSREE program also offers exposure to a large foundation of knowledge. The mixture of curriculum such as electrical and mechanical engineering, power system and energy efficient building design as well energy generation methods and technologies, exposes students to not only the complexity of the challenges in industry but also the opportunities that exist.

What’s your favorite thing to do off campus?

I enjoy travelling with family and friends to both near and far away places. I love exploring the great outdoors and its various ecosystems on backpacking excursions and also visiting other cities and countries to better experience culture and philosophy.

Campus Engagement: Recipient of the Outstanding Student Involvement Award, Founder of the Tech-Owls in Action (TOA) club and the Clean Energy: Connecting our Community forum, student member of the Industry Advisory Council (IAC) as well as the Sustainability and Equity Committees, and project manager with the successful Solar Decathlon 2015 application team.

Dream Job: I look forward to working with motivated teams to implement and address challenges with the integration of renewable energy technologies. Specific fields that I am currently interested in are protection and controls as well as power plant design, product development, systems engineering, and also project management.