Curriculum Map for Software Engineering Technology


Required courses and recommended terms during which they should be taken are displayed below.

These maps are provided for general planning purposes only. Students should consult with their academic advisor for complete degree requirements.

CST116 C++ Programming I 4    
CST162 Digital Logic I 4    
MATH111 College Algebra 4    
WRI121 English Composition 3    
Total   15    
CST126 C++ Programming II   4  
CST130 Computer Organization   3  
MATH112 Trigonometry   4  
SPE111 Public Speaking   3  
WRI122 Argumentative Writing   3  
Total     17  
CST120 Embedded C     4
CST131 Computer Architecture     3
CST136 Object-Oriented Programming with C++     4
MATH251 Differential Calculus     4
Total       15
CST250 Computer Assembly Language 4    
CST276 Software Design Patterns 4    
MATH252 Integral Calculus 4    
WRI227 Technical Report Writing 3    
Total   15    
CST211 Data Structures   4  
CST240 UNIX   4  
MATH254N Vector Calculus I   4  
PSY201 General Psychology   3  
Total     15  
CST223 Concepts of Programming Languages     3
CST236 Software Systems Testing     4
CST238 Graphical User Interface Programming     4
MATH327 Discrete Mathematics     4
Total       15
CST229 Introduction to Grammars 3    
CST316 Junion Team-Based Project Development I 4    
CST324 Database Systems and Design 4    
PHY221 General Physics with Calculus 4    
SPE321 Small Group and Team Communication 3    
Total   18    
CST320 Compiler Methods   4  
CST326 Junior Team-Based Project Development II   4  
PHY222 General Physics with Calculus   4  
WRI350 Documentation Development   3  
Total     15  
CST334 Project Proposal     1
CST336 Junior Team-Based Project Development III     4
CST352 Operating Systems     4
PHY223 General Physics with Calculus     4
Social Science Elective     3
Total       16
BUS304 Engineering Management 3    
CST412 Senior Development Project 3    
CST415 Computer Networks 4    
Humanities Elective 3    
Technical Elective* 3    
Total   16    
CST422 Senior Development Project   3  
MATH465 Mathematical Statistics   4  
Humanities Elective   3  
Social Science Elective   3  
Technical Elective*   3  
Total     16  
ANTH452 Globalization     3
CST432 Senior Development Project     2
MGT345 Engineering Economy     3
Humanities Elective     3
Technical Elective*     3
Total       14

Total Credits Required for B.S. Software Engineering Technology: 187

* Three additional CST upper division courses. One CST upper division elective course may be exchanged for an upper division MATH course.