Curriculum and Courses

The following are required courses and recommended terms for students interested in a degree in Software Engineering Technology.

These maps are provided for general planning purposes only. Students should consult with their academic advisor for complete degree requirements.

CST116 C++ Programming I 4    
CST162 Digital Logic I 4    
MATH111 College Algebra 4    
WRI121 English Composition 3    
Total   15    
CST126 C++ Programming II   4  
CST130 Computer Organization   3  
MATH112 Trigonometry   4  
SPE111 Public Speaking   3  
WRI122 Argumentative Writing   3  
Total     17  
CST120 Embedded C     4
CST131 Computer Architecture     3
CST136 Object-Oriented Programming with C++     4
MATH251 Differential Calculus     4
Total       15
CST250 Computer Assembly Language 4    
CST276 Software Design Patterns 4    
MATH252 Integral Calculus 4    
WRI227 Technical Report Writing 3    
Total   15    
CST211 Data Structures   4  
CST240 UNIX   4  
MATH254N Vector Calculus I   4  
PSY201 General Psychology   3  
Total     15  
CST223 Concepts of Programming Languages     3
CST236 Software Systems Testing     4
CST238 Graphical User Interface Programming     4
MATH327 Discrete Mathematics     4
Total       15
CST229 Introduction to Grammars 3    
CST316 Junion Team-Based Project Development I 4    
CST324 Database Systems and Design 4    
PHY221 General Physics with Calculus 4    
SPE321 Small Group and Team Communication 3    
Total   18    
CST320 Compiler Methods   4  
CST326 Junior Team-Based Project Development II   4  
PHY222 General Physics with Calculus   4  
WRI350 Documentation Development   3  
Total     15  
CST334 Project Proposal     1
CST336 Junior Team-Based Project Development III     4
CST352 Operating Systems     4
PHY223 General Physics with Calculus     4
Social Science Elective     3
Total       16
BUS304 Engineering Management 3    
CST412 Senior Development Project 3    
CST415 Computer Networks 4    
Humanities Elective 3    
Technical Elective* 3    
Total   16    
CST422 Senior Development Project   3  
MATH465 Mathematical Statistics   4  
Humanities Elective   3  
Social Science Elective   3  
Technical Elective*   3  
Total     16  
ANTH452 Globalization     3
CST432 Senior Development Project     2
MGT345 Engineering Economy     3
Humanities Elective     3
Technical Elective*     3
Total       14

Total Credits Required for B.S. Software Engineering Technology: 187

* Three additional CST upper division courses. One CST upper division elective course may be exchanged for an upper division MATH course.

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About the Program

Degrees Offered

  • Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering Technology
  • Associate of Engineering in Software Engineering Technology


  • Klamath Falls
  • Wilsonville