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Systems Engineering and Technical Management (Dual Major)

About the dual major

What is Systems Engineering and Technical Management (SEM) dual major?

Systems engineers address complex problems in areas such as electrical & electronic systems, information systems, renewable energy systems, economic and financial systems, telecommunications, transportation, project management, and manufacturing. Systems engineering is not about specific technologies, but how to put heterogeneous technologies together to formulate system solutions to complex problems. As such, systems engineering is a multidisciplinary engineering discipline concerned with the design, modeling, analysis, and management of technological systems that employ a combination of devices, software, hardware, firmware, materials, and humans for such diverse purposes as communications, energy engineering, health care, transportation or manufacturing. 

Who can study SEM dual major?

The major in Systems Engineering & Technical Management” is designed as a dual major option for students with an ABET accredited primary major in an engineering discipline offered at Oregon Tech. Students first choose a primary ABET accredited major (e.g., Electrical Engineering, Renewable Energy Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering), and complete additional specialized coursework to earn a second major in Systems Engineering & Technology Management. The program is designed so that both majors in the degree can be completed in 4 years by taking summer courses. ABET ETAC degree students may also pursue the dual major with departmental approval.

What kind of courses are there in the SEM dual major?

The dual major curriculum provides engineering students with design viewpoints and methodologies that emphasize system integration, and with subject matter and tools for modeling and analysis especially appropriate for large complex systems including system theory, simulation, computational data analysis and statistics, and engineering management. This dual major is designed to address the need for both systems engineering and T-shape individuals at the BS level. 

What does graduates with a SEM dual major do?

After 4 years, graduates of the dual degree program are technically competent in an engineering discipline and ready to enter the workforce as functional engineers but also have formal education, training and skills in systems engineering, project management, product development, strategy and innovation, and engineering management to assume functional managerial positions, such as project managers and technical team leaders.

Program and Location

The Systems Engineering and Technical Management dual major is only offered in the Wilsonville campus.

Degree Requirements

To obtain a dual major in Systems Engineering & Technical Management, students must complete the courses required for the Bachelor of Science degree in their primary engineering major, as well as the dual major requirements listed below. Some of these courses may be used to meet requirements in the primary major also.

Systems Engineering Major Core Requirements (12 credits)

SEM 421 Systems Engineering 4
SEM 422 Advanced Systems Engineering 4
SEM 425 Advanced Management for Engineers 4

Mathematics Requirements (12 credits)

MATH 321 Applied Differential Equations I 4
MATH 341 Linear Algebra I 4
MATH 465
MATH 362
Mathematical Statistics

Statistical Methods II

Systems Electives (9 credits)

Select 9 credits from the following electives or advisor approved Elective courses.
EE 355 Control Systems Design 4
EE 430 Linear Systems & Digital Signal Processing 5
EE 432 Advanced Digital System Design with HDL 4
EE 401 Communications Systems 5
CST 236 Software Systems Testing 4
CST 316 Junior Team-Based Project Development I 4
CST 324 Database Systems and Design 4
MFG 447 Lean Manufacturing 3
MIS 311 Introduction to Systems Analysis 3
MIS 341 Relational Database Design 4
MIS 375 Decision Support Systems 3

Management Electives (9 credits)

Select 9 credits from the following electives or advisor approved elective courses.
ACC 203 Principles of Managerial Accounting 4
BUS 223 Marketing I (or higher) 3
BUS 226 Business Law 3
BUS 304 Engineering Management 3
BUS 308 Principles of International Business 3
MGT 321 Operations Management I 3
MGT 345 Engineering Economy 3
MGT 445 Project Management 3
MGT 461 Lean/Six Sigma Management 3
MGT 462 Lean/Six Sigma Management II 3
MGT 463 Lean/Six Sigma Management III 3
Total: 42 credits
Note: many courses may be part of the primary major.
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