Dispute Resolution Certificate

The Dispute Resolution Certificate provides students with a thorough foundation of communication courses related to dispute resolution. The program culminates in specialized courses: negotiation, facilitation, and mediation, giving student expertise in the field. A practicum in mediation offers practical experience in community mediation and guarantees competence of students completing the certificate. This certificate provides students with both the theoretical background and the practical experience to effectively resolve conflicts in a variety of contexts

Prerequisite or Co-requisite Classes
SPE 111 Public Speaking
WRI 121 English Composition 
WRI 122 Argumentative Writing
Program Courses
COM 205 Intercultural Communication 
COM 225 Interpersonal Communication 
COM 226 Nonverbal Communication  3
COM 345 Organizational Communication I  3
COM 347 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution  3
COM 348 Facilitation  3
COM 425 Mediation 
COM 426 Mediation Practicum  3
SPE 321 Small Group and Team Communication  3