After the Interview

You Aren't Done Yet

Follow-up on your part after the interview will give you an advantage over many other candidates. Effective interview follow-up consists of three activities, described below.

1. Send a 'Thank You' letter. CPC's "Planning Job Choices" and other resource materials in the Oregon Tech Career Services office contain samples of letters you can send, in order to thank the interviewers, re-state your qualifications (and mention those that didn't come up in the interview), and re-affirm your interest in the position.

2. Evaluate Your Performance. Were there questions during the interview which you answered poorly? Questions you answered well? Make notes and strive to improve your interview performance continually. And don't forget to review the 'Interview Evaluation Form' on file in the Oregon Tech Career Services office if you were interviewed by an on-campus recruiter.

3. Evaluate the Organization. Will you fit into this organization? Is the position sufficiently challenging? Is it the logical next step on your career path? There is a saying, "Never attend an event simply because you were invited. "Likewise, don't accept a job just because it is offered to you!

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