Typical Interview Questions

Being prepared for a question is never a bad thing. A timely response not only shows confidence, but preparation. Interviewers like those sorts of things.

Personality & Character

Tell me about yourself. 
What motivates you to do a good job? 
What qualities do you think lead to success in this kind of work? 
How do you define 'success'?


How did you choose Oregon Tech? your course of study? 
What courses did you excel in? Why? 
What subjects gave you trouble? Why? 
What was the most valuable thing you learned in college? 
Do you think your GPA is an accurate measure of your abilities? Why or why not?

Work Experience

How does your previous work experience prepare you for this position? 
What has been your most significant accomplishment to date? 
Tell me about a problem you encountered in your work. How did you handle it? 
Describe the 'ideal' job... the 'ideal' supervisor.

Activities & Interests

What leadership roles have you held? 
What do you like to do in your spare time?

Career Goals

What are your long-range career goals? 
How does this position match your career goals? 
In what areas do you feel you need further education and training to be successful? 
What do you see yourself doing in 5 years? in 10 years?

The Organization

What do you know about our company? 
Why do you want to work for this company? 
Where do you see yourself fitting in to this organization . . .initially? . . .in 5 years? 
How do you feel about re-locating?

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