TOP Graduation

TOP Graduation Celebration

This event recognizes the achievement of TOP students and the achievement of the campus community, which plays an important role in the success of TOP students. The 2017 TOP Graduation Celebration will be held in the College Union - Mt. Mazama Room on Friday, June 16th.

Note: ​TOP Graduation Celebration is in addition to the university's Klamath Falls Commencement Ceremony on June 17th, 2017.

2017 TOP Graduation Celebration

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  • IMG_9965
  • IMG_9994
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2016 TOP Graduation Celebration

  • lisa grad glasses
  • group 3-Kacy, Brandi, Dawn, Daniel, Eric Kitty LIsa
  • Brandi and Angela
  • Brianna, Kim Eric dinner line
  • Dawn and Kacy
  • dinner time
  • group 1-Eric, Lisa, Bri, Katie, Jenny and Daniel

2015 TOP Graduation Celebration

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  • IMG_5162
  • IMG_1993
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  • IMG_5071
  • IMG_5060
  • IMG_4998