Remington Henderson

Remington Henderson

Remington Henderson

OfficeKlamath Falls Campus - Admissions Office

Good day. Most likely by now you have already determined my name but in the event that you have not, it’s Remington. I was born and raised here Klamath Falls but spent the good portion of my youth traveling the Northwest (both for the career of my father and due to personal interest). I studied (a bit to my own surprise) Literature during my undergraduate education at Claremont McKenna College but find myself captivated by most things (excluding Economics and in some cases Psychology) but find the most to offer in general conversation in regards to film in particular (both foreign and domestic, as well as, new and old).  An avid outdoorsman I often spend my summers cycling or running as much as possible or exploring new areas. 


Klamath Falls, OR


Bachelor of Arts in Literature, Claremont McKenna College

What's Great About Oregon Tech

My calculus teacher from high school, Mrs. Hahn, has described Oregon Tech as one of the few colleges in the country where a student can get hands-on experience in their desired career field from day one; a fact that I have had confirmed by countless other current students since. For what the school offers, I can’t think of any better mantra to ascribe to Oregon Tech.

Favorite Place on Campus

I have quite the nostalgic relationship with the Oregon Tech track as I ran several races on it in high school.

Why I Enjoy Working in Admissions

While relatively new to the field of college admissions, I have enjoyed seeing the drive and enthusiasm of students passionate about pursuing higher education. The fact that I can help them in their quest is extremely gratifying.

Favorite Quote

“An exclamation point is like laughing at your own joke.” F. Scott Fitzgerald 


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