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Mission Statement

Our Mission

The mission of the Oregon Tech Athletic Department is to facilitate growth and development of its student-athletes by providing a broad-based athletic program that creates educational opportunities through the medium of competition at the collegiate level. The department also provides personal health and fitness opportunities to the campus community through its Tech-Fit facilities.

Our Vision

The Oregon Tech Athletic department is dedicated to preparing our student-athletes for professional and personal success in the real world by learning the values of integrity and excellence on the court, field, and in the classroom. To that end, we are committed to field teams with the talent and ability to compete at the top of the Cascade Collegiate Conference, as well as regionally and nationally in the NAIA while representing Oregon Tech with dignity and class.


The privilege of participation in intercollegiate athletics and dedication to team goals provides a classroom where students may experience the development of skills, sportsmanship, loyalty, self discipline, and the responsibility to be a team while learning the values of winning, losing, and competing. The Oregon Tech athletic program contributes to campus life by providing a focal point for social interaction, leadership development, involvement in peer support groups and entertainment.