NSO Leadership Team

The mission of NSO is to empower incoming Oregon Tech students by providing opportunities and experiences which are designed to:
  • Integrate students with the campus community
  • Equip new students with resources and areas of support
  • Connect with their fellow students
  • Facilitate transition and foster success in collaboration with other campus departments and Week of Welcome programs

The NSO Leadership Team works together from June- October to coordinate and plan the Fall New Student Orientation Program as a part of the Oregon Tech Weeks of Welcome Events.  The Weeks of Welcome kick off with Summer Bridge (led by TOP) and Pre-Flight (led by Housing & Residence Life). Then the week prior to fall term is packed with the last New Wings Registration Day, Move-in, and Fall NSO!

Create and coordinate all events for the NSO Week of Welcome on September 20- 24

Create Schedule
Reserve Locations
Create Budgets, Equipment Lists, Maps, & Timelines

Outreach to campus departments & community members

Coordination of Downtown Celebration
Week of the Student Proclamation
Donation & Raffle 
Fred Meyer Takeover
Thank You Letters to Businesses

Hire & Coordinate NSO Speakers & Performers

Dave Coleman: Art of College Parenting & Hooray
C.L. Lindsay: Alcohol, Sex, & The Law
& More!

Development of all marketing materials

Create basic marketing plan
Create logos for all materials
Design T-shirts for events
Create & design NSO booklets/ materials
Create all event signage
All events on Oregon Tech online calendar & Oregon Tech App
Maintain Social Media presence