Orientation Team

Orientation Team 2014:

Nicole Norris, Student Director
Margi Anderson, Student Outreach Coordinator
Erin Nordhill, Business Outreach Coordinator
Michael House, Downtown Celebration Coordinator
Josie Hudspeth, Advisor

NSO Team


Student Director

Nicole Norris

The Student Director's main goal is to lead and supervise the team so that they can accomplish their goals. They work behind the scenes and are knowledgeable in all positions and can always direct questions and information accordingly. This year our ring leader will have a bigger role throughout the week, leading events and coordinating lots of excitement.

Niki is starting her fourth year at Oregon Tech studying Marketing and Management. As a Freshman, her favorite part of new student orientation was the Fred Meyer takeover. This year Niki is exited to just be apart of the team and see this year's Downtown Celebration, which will be the best one yet! Some of Niki's hobbies include reading, being with friends, and her sorority (ΑΣΑ).

Student Outreach Coordinator

Margi Anderson

The Student Outreach Coordinator works directly with new students. They coordinate New Wings events, organize student activities, ordering supplies, and working with the director on finding student leaders and themes for the event.

Margi is staring her third year at Oregon Tech and is studying Clinical Laboratory Science. This is her second year working for New Student Orientation. Margi's favorite moment of new student orientation when she was a freshman was learning about the sorority on campus and meeting the date doctor. This year she is looking forward designing all the T-shirts for the event and working with the volunteers. Her hobbies include studying, reading, and dance.

Business Outreach Coordinator

Erin Nordhill

This coordinator means business! She works directly with the community in order to receive donations and plan events that get the students involved. Events include the 2nd Annual Fred Meyer Shopping Spree and the Community/Job Fair at the Downtown Celebration.

Erin is a sophomore and was recently accepted into the respiratory care program. As a freshman, her favorite part of new student orientation was meeting new people and making friends. This year she is excited for planning the Fred Meyer take event and all the free food! Her hobbies include; reading, drawing, and playing lacrosse.

Downtown Coordinator

Michael House

A great addition to the team is the downtown coordinator! This coordinator works hard on making all the events for the Downtown Celebration event of NSO happen. This event shows new students what downtown Klamath Falls has to offer, with a a scavenger hunt and tons of entertainment!

​Michael is an Organizational Psychology major, in his sixth year at Oregon Tech.  As a freshman, Michael did not attend new student orientation, but has been a group leader every year since. Michael is most excited for planning the carnival at this year's celebration. Michael's hobbies include theatre, cooking, and bringing school spirit to Oregon Tech!

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