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ASOIT Officers

Klamath Falls Officers


President Kristen Marsters

Meet Kristen

Year in school: 4th Year

Major/ Program:  Healthcare Management

Hometown:  Springfield, OR

Biography: Kristen loves working with students and meeting new people. A fun fact about Kristen is she danced for 17years. This is her fourth year at Oregon Tech. In what spare time she has Kristen loves to read and spend time with her friends and family. Kristen's office hours for fall term are Monday 12-1, 2-5, Tuesday 10-12, 2-3, Wednesday 12-1, 2-5, Thursday 10-12, 2-3, and Friday 12-1.

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Larissa Omura

​​Administrative Affairs Officer Larissa Omura

Meet Larissa

Year in school: 3rd Year

Major/ Program:  Vascular Technology 


Biography: Once upon a time there was a girl named Larissa. One day she decided to pack up her things and leave her little island of Honolulu, Hawaii and move to a small town called Klamath Falls, Oregon to pursue her lifelong dream in Medical Imaging Technology. It has been three years now and she managed to get accepted into the Vascular Technology program, finish a minor in Medical Sociology and beginning another in Psychology, become a student government officer for two years, and get involved on-campus. Larissa’s first year at Oregon Tech was not the greatest, she missed her family, friends, and dogs back at home. When she realized that it wasn’t going to get any better unless she did something about it she took a leap of faith and ran for a position in ASOIT, and she must say…. it was best decision she had ever made! Outside of her school life she likes to play tennis, go bowling, hang out with friends, and go on adventures. Larissa has a passion and love for animals, therefore she made the decision to become a vegetarian. Although she loves all animals her favorite animal in the whole entire universe is the sloth, she believes that if the day comes where she would actually be able to touch one in real life that she’d cry from pure happiness. The smallest person out of not only her family and group of friends, but everything else that she’s involved in, weighing in at 5 ft. and barely making 100 lbs, many believe that she’s ready to take on the world! The end.

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Tristan Loomis

Finance Officer Tristan Loomis

Meet Tristan

Year in school: 2nd Year

Major/ Program:  Software Engineering 

Hometown:  Wilsonville, OR

Biography: Tristan served as the Freshman officer last year. He is a member of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, and loves pursuing local volunteering projects. Tristan is dedicated to giving back to this community and making it better each and every day. 

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Non-Traditional Officer Dan Ward

Meet Dan

Year in school: 3rd Year

Major/ Program:  Echocardiography

Hometown:  Bend, OR

Biography: Dan was formerly in the construction industry. Served in masonry contracting for 25 years. He has three children, and two dogs. 

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​Campus Clubs Officer Zachary Pascual

Meet Zachary

Year in school:  3rd Year

Major/ Program: Pre-MIT

Hometown: Waipahu, Hawaii

Biography: Howzit my fellow Hustlin Owls! My name is Zachary Pascual and I am your Campus Club Officer for the 2015- 2016 school year. I am from Hawaii, the island of Oahu and I am currently pursuing an education in Pre Medical Imaging Technology, in hopes to go into Echocardiography. I am very organized, creative, hardworking, and always willing to take the initiative. As your Campus Club Officer, I will communicate effectively with the many clubs on campus to ensure that your needs are fulfilled. As well as help any student interested in joining a prospective club and help any student who would like to start up a club. This is my second year serving as Oregon Tech's Campus Club Officer. I know what is expected for this position and I am willing to accept and tackle any challenge that is ahead of me and make sure that each student is satisfied with the outcomes. I will use my creativity to put forth fun and interactive events to make sure that we all have a great experience at Oregon Tech.

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Stacee Halvorsen

Communications Officer Stacee Halvorsen 

Meet Stacee

Year in school: 3rd Year

Major/ Program:  Radiological Science/Healthcare Management 

Hometown:  Ione, OR

Biography: Stacee served as ASOIT's Administrative officer last year. A few facts about Stacee is she is an alumni member of Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority, she was on Oregon Tech's inaugural golf team, and played for her freshman, and sophomore year. Stacee really enjoys her position in ASOIT, she loves helping clubs advertise, as well as making flyers and advertising for ASOIT's events. She manages the ASOIT Facebook page, and created an instagram account @asoit_klamathfalls go "Like" and "Follow" us!

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Wilsonville Officers

Alyssa Deardorff

President Alyssa Deardorff

Meet Alyssa

Year in school: Senior 
Major/ Program: Renewable Energy Engineering; Systems Engineering and Technology Management
Hometown: Bellevue, WA

Alyssa Deardorff has previously served as Clubs Officer and Vice-President for ASOIT. On campus, she is involved with the Society of Women Engineers, International Energy Club, and Student Ambassadors. She is on the Equity Committee and REE Industry Advisory Committee. This past summer, she worked as a Research Associate in the Multidisciplinary Aeronautics Research Team Initiative program at NASA Ames Research Center. She has traveled with Solar Hope to Tanzania and Peru to design and install off-grid solar photovoltaic systems for schools and medical clinics in rural communities. Alyssa is excited to be working with ASOIT again this year!

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Mary McEntee

Vice-President Mary McEntee

Meet Mary

Year in school: Junior
Major/ Program: Information Technology

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Biography: Mary McEntee is in the undergraduate Information Technology program at Oregon Tech in Wilsonville. After she graduates in 2017, Mary would like to pursue a career in the gaming industry where she can develop, design, and create games. Outside of school Mary enjoys cooking, reading, and playing video games.

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Margaret Anderson

Activities & Outreach Officer Margaret Anderson

Meet Margi

Year in school: Senior
Major/ Program: Medical Laboratory Science

Hometown: Dallas, OR

Biography: Margi loves traveling and the movie First Wives Club

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Elizabeth Thurman

Communications Officer Elizabeth Thurman

Meet Elizabeth

Year in school: Junior 
Major/ Program: BS Electrical Engineering 

Hometown: McCall, ID

Elizabeth is a junior in the undergraduate Electrical Engineering program at Oregon Tech in Wilsonville. She is currently the President of her Society of Women Engineers (SWE) collegiate section, as well as a 2015 SWE Future Leader. After she graduates in 2017, Elizabeth would like to pursue a career in the transportation industry where she can design and create sustainable alternatives for travel. Outside of school, Elizabeth enjoys exploring the Pacific Northwest, practicing yoga, and trying out new vegetarian recipes. 

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Shellie Johnson

Clubs Officer Shellie Johnson

Meet Shellie

Year in school: Senior 
Major/ Program: Surveying/Geomatics

Hometown: Vancouver, WA

Biography: Hello, my name is Shellie Johnson.  I am a Geomatics/Surveying student at the Wilsonville Campus.  I am a transfer student from Clark College in Vancouver, Washington and am currently in the MECOP/CECOP internship program.  I was very active in the club activities there and come here with background knowledge to fulfill the role of Club Coordinator. I enjoy the outdoors and when I am not in class, or working on campus I try to find time to hike, go kayaking, or camping. 

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Kelsey Leinbach

Administrative Officer Kelsey Leinbach

Meet Kelsey

Year in school: Junior 
Major/ Program: Electrical and Optical Engineering 

Hometown: Molalla, Or

Kelsey represents Oregon Tech as a barrel racer in College Rodeo and her favorite movie is Pure Country.

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William Warnock

Student Affairs Officer William Warnock

Meet William

Year in School: 1st Year Graduate
Major/Program: Masters Renewable Energy Engineering
Hometown: Joseph, Or
Biography: I grew up in Eastern Oregon as a child, but spent most of my adult life in Burlington, Vermont. I have a background in environmental engineering, a passion for environmental sustainability, renewable Energy and permaculture design. When not lock away in my office studying, I try to get into the outdoors as much as possible and connect with nature. 

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Zoe Winter

Webmaster Zoe Winter

Meet Zoe

Year in School: Junior
Major/Program: Information Technology
Hometown: Portland, OR
Biography: Hello! My name is Zoe Winter. I just transferred in from Portland State University this year. The position of webmaster is new, my job is to help students and administration create and update their SharePoint pages. My dream job would be to own a small bookstore, but my current ambition is to work in security. When I’m not at school or working I like to be outside, play pinball, and read mystery novels. 

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