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ASOIT Officers

Klamath Falls Officers

Zachary Pascual

President Zachary Pascual

Meet Zachary

Year in school:  3rd Year

Major/ Program: Pre-MIT

Hometown: Waipahu, Hawaii

Biography: Howzit my fellow Hustlin Owls! My name is Zachary Pascual and I am your Campus Club Officer for the 2015- 2016 school year. I am from Hawaii, the island of Oahu and I am currently pursuing an education in Pre Medical Imaging Technology, in hopes to go into Echocardiography. I am very organized, creative, hardworking, and always willing to take the initiative. As your Campus Club Officer, I will communicate effectively with the many clubs on campus to ensure that your needs are fulfilled. As well as help any student interested in joining a prospective club and help any student who would like to start up a club. This is my second year serving as Oregon Tech's Campus Club Officer. I know what is expected for this position and I am willing to accept and tackle any challenge that is ahead of me and make sure that each student is satisfied with the outcomes. I will use my creativity to put forth fun and interactive events to make sure that we all have a great experience at Oregon Tech.

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Vice-President TBD

Larissa Omura

Finance Officer Larissa Omura

Meet Larissa

Year in school: 3rd Year

Major/ Program:  Vascular Technology 


Biography: Once upon a time there was a girl named Larissa. One day she decided to pack up her things and leave her little island of Honolulu, Hawaii and move to a small town called Klamath Falls, Oregon to pursue her lifelong dream in Medical Imaging Technology. It has been three years now and she managed to get accepted into the Vascular Technology program, finish a minor in Medical Sociology and beginning another in Psychology, become a student government officer for two years, and get involved on-campus. Larissa’s first year at Oregon Tech was not the greatest, she missed her family, friends, and dogs back at home. When she realized that it wasn’t going to get any better unless she did something about it she took a leap of faith and ran for a position in ASOIT, and she must say…. it was best decision she had ever made! Outside of her school life she likes to play tennis, go bowling, hang out with friends, and go on adventures. Larissa has a passion and love for animals, therefore she made the decision to become a vegetarian. Although she loves all animals her favorite animal in the whole entire universe is the sloth, she believes that if the day comes where she would actually be able to touch one in real life that she’d cry from pure happiness. The smallest person out of not only her family and group of friends, but everything else that she’s involved in, weighing in at 5 ft. and barely making 100 lbs, many believe that she’s ready to take on the world! The end.

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Cheyenne Low

Administrative Officer Cheyenne Low

Meet Cheyenne

Year in school: Junior

Major/ Program: Radiologic Science

Hometown: Grants Pass, OR

Biography: Hi, my name is Cheyenne Low and I am the ASOIT Administrative Affairs Officer this year! I am from Grants Pass, OR. I am a Junior in the Radiologic Science Program with a minor in Applied Psychology. I started the Circle K club on campus, and was the acting President for two years. I am now the current Vice President and spending this next year training the current President to take the club over for me when I graduate. I love hiking, volunteering, and watching movies! I am really excited to learn new leadership skills through ASOIT and learn more about OIT. Come into the office and chat with me anytime! 

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Picture Yourself Here

Non-Traditional Officer Malea Waldrup

Meet Malea

Year in school: Senior

Major/ Program: Communications

Hometown: Klamath Falls, OR

Biography: Remarried in 2015 to Michael, mother of 7- 6 girls and 1 youngest boy, plus 2 step daughters. I have viewed myself as the essence of non-traditional. My goals for this year have included getting the word out to non traditional students that they also can be involved in campus life and have a voice. I have had some very large personal challenges to overcome in the course of my tenure at OIT,  I was also, until recently, under the impression that I had another year to go. My passion for the Klamath Falls community is living wage jobs for community members and ones that attract OIT grads. I have lived a long time in economic distress and I would love to see a change in quality  and quantity of jobs in the Basin. Life has changed radically for me in attending school, I am excited to get back into work and be a benefit to those around me!

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Faith Lee

​Campus Clubs Officer Faith Lee

Meet Faith

Year in school: Sophomore

Major/ Program: Health Care Management

Hometown: Bly. OR

Biography: Hey there! My name is Faith Lee and I can't wait to start this new adventure as 2016-2017 Campus Clubs Officer! I was born and raised here in the Klamath Basin and I grew up in a small town an hour east of Klamath Falls. When choosing a major and future career I thought that I wanted to be in a health care environment, helping people and taking care of them. Time went on and I realized that I don’t handle broken bones, blood, or internal organs very well. That meant I had to cross off being any kind of surgeon, X-Ray technician, and definitely nursing. After a little research, some event organizing, and some leadership roles, I could see that Health Care Management was calling my name! I'm new to ASOIT this year but I'm very excited to be apart of this organization and to meet more students here at Oregon Tech! During my time in office I'd like to help strengthen bonds with the programs and clubs on campus and find effective ways to communicate between the ASOIT officers and Club members. I can't wait to get started, here's to a great school year!!

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Cody Carmichael

Communications Officer Cody Carmichael

Meet Cody

Year in school:

Major/ Program: