Officer Elections

2016-2017 ASOIT Officer Elections Timeline

(Subject to change by the Elections Committee w/ appropriate notification to all candidates)

Monday, March 28, 2016 Applications available in ASOIT office & Campus Life
Friday, April 8, 2016 Applications due to Joseph Maurer, Director of Campus Life by 5:00pm
Monday, April 11, 2016 REQUIRED Candidate meeting with Elections Committee (Q&A, election overview, photos) at 5:00pm (Sunset)
Monday, April 11, 2016
Candidate campaigning begins after required meeting
Monday, April 18, 2016 Candidate speeches and debates: ASOIT General Meeting, (5pm in Mt. Mazama)
Monday, April 25, 2016 Online voting begins at 12:01am
Monday, May 2, 2016 Online voting ends at 11:59pm
Wednesday, May 4, 2016 Election results announced (email, ASOIT Facebook page) by 5:00pm
Monday, May 9- June 10  Incoming/outgoing officer shadowing
Monday, May 30, 2015
ASOIT General Meeting & Awards Banquet w/installation of incoming officers: (5pm in Mt. Mazama)


All campaign material MUST be approved by, and copies furnished to, the Elections Committee before it can be used as outlined in section 1.4.2 of the elections rules and regulations.  The College Union staff will not stamp any material without Elections Committee approval.  Violations of this rule will be reviewed by the Elections Committee and could disqualify a candidate.  Email campaign material to for validation (allow 24 hours).  Make sure to thoroughly review the elections rules and regulations to avoid any problems and to maximize your elections experience! 

Applications & Resources

General Duties of Officers

• Officers are expected and required to act in the best interest of the student body, and in a manner that will not compromise the educational atmosphere of Oregon Tech.
• Officers share the responsibility of establishing a progressive and productive student government.
• Officers shall be familiar with the contents of the ASOIT Constitution and Bylaws, and assume responsibility to ensure that the stated documents reflect the current policy and practices of ASOIT.
• Officers shall post their required office hours within the first week of each academic term. 
• Officers are required to spearhead one project per term. Project is subject to interpretation.
• Officers are expected to assist one another as necessary.
• Officers of ASOIT Wilsonville shall create their own Bylaws, which they will abide to.

Klamath Falls Campus


• As the chief spokesperson and representative of ASOIT, he/she shall be responsible for promoting ASOIT as a progressive and productive environment.
• Responsible for chairing General Meetings
• Help coordinate the development of any leadership conferences and retreats in conjunction with the Director of Campus Life
• Shall be a voting member before the Faculty Senate, President’s Council, Oregon Student Association (OSA; if ASOIT affiliates in the given year), and other committees on which he/she sits
• Serve a minimum of eight (8) office hours per week

Vice President

• He/she shall be responsible for promoting ASOIT as a progressive and productive environment.
• Assist the President in the supervision of ASOIT
• In case of the President’s absence, or at the request of the President, the Vice President shall serve as an alternate on any committee the President serves on.
• Serve a minimum of six (6) officer hours a week.

Administrative Affairs Officer

• He/she shall maintain related records, and perform various administrative duties. 
• Responsible for recording, maintaining and making available minutes of all meetings of ASOIT and ensuring that they get posted on the website
• Coordinate with Campus Club Officer for Super Club Sign-Ups
• Responsible for monitoring and maintaining OCC records and attendance
• Prepare agendas for all Executive and General Meetings
• Serve a minimum of six (6) hours a week

Finance Officer

• He/she shall be responsible for actively monitoring Incidental Fee allocations and expenses for all Campus Clubs and Programs. 
• Work along with Administrative Officer and Director of Campus Life on club financial records and status
• Work with ASOIT Officers in planning and utilizing the ASOIT Budget
• Responsible for facilitating Financial Allocations Committee (FAC) budget hearings
• Sign purchase orders (PO) when necessary
• Submit the ASOIT and FAC budget to the Incidental Fee Commission (IFC)
• Hold a training meeting in conjunction with the Campus Club Officer and an ASOIT Advisor for Club Presidents, Treasurers, and Faculty Advisors every fall term
• Serve a minimum of six (6) office hours a week.

Non Traditional Students Officer

• He/she shall be responsible for actively seeking the views and promoting the culture of non-traditional students at Oregon Tech.
• Coordinate events with other Campus Programs geared towards non-traditional students (Diversity Center, Women’s Resource Center, Oregon Veterans Association, etc.).
• Serve a minimum of four (4) office hours a week.

Campus Clubs Officer

• He/she shall be responsible for representing and actively seeking the views of the student body regarding Campus Clubs.  
• Communicate with Campus Clubs to have them be aware of all pertinent meetings.
• Hold a training meeting in conjunction with the Finance Officer and an ASOIT Advisor for Club Presidents, Treasurers, and Faculty Advisors every fall term.
• Update and maintain a list of Club Officers and Club Advisors.
• Serve as the liaison between Campus Clubs and the rest of the ASOIT Officers.
• Coordinate two (2) Super Club Sign-Up events to be held on the third Wednesday of the fall and spring terms.
• Serve a minimum of six (6) office hours a week.

Communications Officer

• He/she shall be responsible for public relations within the campus and the community, updating and maintaining information on the ASOIT website, producing advertisements, and managing social media.
• Responsible for producing press releases.
• Responsible for producing and dispersing. advertisements (i.e. posters/flyers).
• Responsible for using student media & other media outlets to promote ASOIT.
• Serve a minimum of four (4) office hours a week.

Wilsonville Campus


Vice President

• Maintain general oversight of all ASOITW projects and programs
• Work with ASOIT officers to identify, implement and evaluate projects and programs that will benefit Oregon Tech Wilsonville students
• Create agenda and chair ASOITW officer and general meetings 
• Submit a quarterly report to administration of ASOITW activity 
• Represent student voice at administrative meetings as needed 
• Coordinate ASOITW officer elections
• Establish and maintain relationship with ASOIT Klamath Falls

Administrative Officer

• Monitor club budgets
• Monitor ASOITW budget with Student Services Director
• Keep minutes of ASOITW officer meetings
• Monitor club account printing expenditures 
• Reserve rooms for ASOITW officer meetings and send meeting requests
• Back-up chair/agenda creator for ASOITW officer meetings

Student Affairs Officer

• Help Determine student issues that need to be addressed through student surveys and focus groups
• Record student concerns, action taken and status of issue
• Submit formal memo of student concerns to ASOIT and administration as needed
• Coordinate one campus-wide “town hall” meeting per term – topic of choice/open topic 
• Keep an updated list of committees and track student committee involvement

Clubs Officer

• Facilitate communication between clubs and ASOITW
• Facilitate clubs in completing club-related forms
        o Explain form procedures
        o Monitor collection of completed forms
• Take lead on at least 2 club sign-up events/year 
• Track Club Community Service Hours 
• Assist Student Services Director with annual Registered Student Organizations training
• Guide students through new-club formation process

Communications Officer

• Create advertising for events and notices
• Maintain ASOITW Display monitor
• Update ASOITW SharePoint content
• Maintain campus bulletin boards
           o Approve and post materials
           o Take down materials after allotted time
• Update events calendar

Activities & Outreach Officer

• Assist clubs with club events
• Assist Student Services department with campus events
• Brainstorm, plan, and coordinate ASOIT-sponsored events
• Update ASOITW Facebook page and events calendars with ASOIT events


Klamath Falls File Downloads

  • IconASOIT Election Bylaws
    The ASOIT Election shall be conducted in a manner consistent with the best interests of the student body. The election shall be conducted in a fair, orderly and impartial manner. The educational atmosphere of the Institution shall not be compromised, by the electoral process or by any member involved.
  • IconKlamath Falls Application
    Use this application to apply for an ASOIT position at the Klamath Falls campus.

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Wilsonville Campus File Downloads

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