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Meet the Candidates- Klamath Falls

2016-2017 ASOIT Elections Klamath Falls Candidate Essays

Kristen Marsters

Brenden Gaius Nikola

Zach Pascual
Brenden Gaius Nikola
Larissa Omura

Malea Waldrup
Faith Lee


Kristen Marsters
: The past two years as Student Body President I have learned that the communication between Students and Student Government is severely lacking.  Some students who are involved in clubs or other Student Programs are informed because that has been the audience that ASOIT has been reaching. However, the outreach to all the other students on this campus needs to be addressed immediately.  Recognizing that this is the main issue with Student Government, my plan is to create new outlets and forms of communication that ALL students will be able to access.  The students’ voice is what drives our campus to succeed and address issues on campus.  Next year as President, ALL students will know what ASOIT can accomplish for them and believe that their representatives are working hard each and every day. Vote Kristen Marsters for ASOIT President 2016-2017.  

Brendan "Gaius" Nikola: 
I had two major goals during my campaign last year, these were to get new chairs for Purvine and new artwork into DOW. I worked with teachers and the business office last Fall term to get new chairs into Purvine; I was a minor force, but I did help. I helped physically move the chairs into Purvine as well. With the Mammography Tile project, I have helped in advertising the project. I have also started and managed the textbook depot, which provides free textbooks to students, I’ve managed the blood drive events this year, and I bought a microwave for DOW. If elected President, I will continue fixing the problems students have, but I will also reform the student government into one that actually utilizes the voices of the people. I will create a new government with representatives from every major that will report on the issues and concerns therein.


Zachary Pascual: Aloha Hustlin Owls! My name is Zachary Pascual and I am running to become your next Vice President for the 2016-2017 school year. I am very organized, creative, hardworking, and friendly. If elected to be your Vice President, I will communicate effectively with many of the students on campus to ensure that each and every student needs are fulfilled. I am willing to accept and tackle any challenge that is ahead of me and make sure that each student is satisfied with the outcomes. I will use the skills and knowledge that I have obtained throughout the school year as ASOIT Campus Club officer, 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 and carry it on to next year, while at the same time creating new and improved responsibilities for myself to help better the Oregon Tech student body. So remember.... vote Zachy-P for VP. Thank you!

Brendan "Gaius" Nikola: In this last year, I helped get new chairs into Purvine, I started the textbook depot, I’ve managed all of the blood drives, and I bought a microwave for DOW students. I’m also helping with the Mammography tiles project in a minor way. I’ve done well with this position, and if re-elected, I will continue working to improve the student environment. For next year I’m looking into some new project ideas and I’m polling students right now about the things they’d like to see change next year, so if you see me, please let me know if you have any major concerns that I could address. I was able to complete the projects I listed earlier, so when I say I’ll accomplish a new set of goals for next year, know that I intend to keep that promise.

Administrative Affairs Officer

No Candidates 

Finance Officer

 Larissa Omura: Aloha! My name is Larissa Omura and I running to become your Student Government Finance Officer for the school year 2016-’17. I am hardworking, responsible, reliable, trustworthy, and always optimistic. I have held many leadership roles in the past and I have a lot of experience when it comes to handling money. I will ensure that the money we earn will go towards making your school year the best year that you will ever experience at Oregon Tech. With your support and motivation, I will be determined to make the upcoming school year filled with fun, creative, and encouraging events that I would love for each and every one of you to be a part of. Once again, I am Larissa Omura and I humbly ask you to vote for me to be your Student Government Finance Officer. Thank you!

Non-Traditional Student Officer

Malea Waldrup: Students should vote for me because I am the essence of what it takes to be a good representative for the non-traditional ASOIT position. Returning to college after 20 years to obtain my Bachelors of Communications degree, I face many challenges that are above and beyond what the typical student faces. I am raising a large blended family (11 members total), which means 5 total school schedules.  As a wife and mother, I organize and contribute to my household in the midst of completing studying and school work. I help with spending and budgeting.  I have been on the Policy Council at Head start for two years with associated training and leadership. I am involved in the marketing committee at Oregon Tech, as well as community activities. I would be an excellent non-traditional representative with these qualifications, please vote for me.

Campus Clubs Officer

Faith Lee: My name is Faith Lee and I am currently in the last term of my first year here at Oregon Tech. I have lived here in the Klamath Basin my whole life, so I'm very familiar with the impact Oregon Tech has on not only its students but the community as well. I genuinely care for my fellow classmates and I pride myself on being easily approachable and willing to carry on a conversation with anyone. I am well versed in event organizing and juggling a packed schedule. I would love to be a part of the ASOIT team as the Campus Clubs officer and help my fellow students find ways to get more involved and meet new people with similar interests!