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Campus Life Prezi

Campus Life Event Advertsing Request Form

Submit all your marketing requests* to one place!  Then email your digital advertisements to CampusLife@oit.edu to help capture the best audience. ​​

Use this online submission form to submit advertisements for:
Digital Display TVs
Oregon Tech Mobile App
Scrolling Reader Board (located at main parking lot entrance)

*This form is for electronic marketing only.  Print materials must still be created by the organization and submitted to the Info Desk. 

marketing form

Club Recognition Requirements:

Oregon Tech has approximately 60 RSOs (Registered Student Organizations - including Campus Clubs and Student Programs) that are active on campus at any given time.  It is not hard to start a new club, so if you don't see one on the list that matches your interest, let us know and we would be happy to help you get one started!

You will find information below on how to start a new club as well as how to maintain club recognition from year to year.  If you have questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to contact Joseph Maurer, Director of Campus Life, at joseph.maurer@oit.edu.

How to Start a New Club:

Before you start a new club, see if the organization you're interested in already exists at Oregon Tech: Current Club List.

Benefits of Club Recognition

Being registered and officially recognized as a Campus Club allows groups:

The use of the Oregon Tech name and logo for marketing and promotion of the club and its functions (Associate Clubs must identify themselves as an “Oregon Tech Associate Club”)

The ability to hold meetings and social functions on campus in accordance with Oregon Tech scheduling policies

Reasonable access to the facilities of the college, buildings, grounds, and equipment

The ability to sponsor revenue-producing functions in accordance with established Oregon Tech policies

For Campus Clubs, the ability to apply for an annual budget (up to $1,500 per year) from incidental fees (Associate Clubs are not eligible for any Incidental Fee funding)

Eligibility for awards and honors given to student organizations.

Campus Club or Associate Club?

A club is defined as a group of students who collaborate to address a need on campus. Club recognition is an annual process, and as such, organizations can only change classification (between Associate Club or Campus Club) at the beginning of each Fall quarter. There are different requirements for each classification of club/organization. 

Campus Club                                                               Associate Club
5 members                                                                   3 members
1 advisor                                                                      1 advisor
Attend 2 general ASOIT meetings and                            Attend 1 general ASOIT meeting and
   1 executive ASOIT meeting before                                 1 executive ASOIT meetingbefore
formal recognition is given                                             formal recognition is given
50 hours of community service                                      25 hours of community service
Eligible for $1500 annually                                             Not eligible for Incidental Fee funds
   ($100 per term maximum in first year)
Have a representative at least 1 ASOIT                          Welcome to attend, no voting privileges
   General Meeting per month     

Categories of Clubs

If you are unsure which category to select, seek advising from Campus Life.
Academic/ Professional
Greek Life
Political/Social Action
Recreational/ Sports
Religious/ Spiritual
Student Media

Getting Official Club Recognition for the First Time

1. Complete an online Student Organization Registration Form (link at right)
2. Submit the Student Organization Agreement Form (link at right; signatures required from club president and advisor) indicating that your organization agrees to the rules and regulations by which all recognized student organizations must abide (see RSO Handbook for more info). 
3. Submit a proposed constitution to asoit@oit.edu (sample constitution at right if needed)
4. Attend a 1-hour RSO training for student organizations (see link at right for schedule) 
5. Attend 2 ASOIT general meetings and 1 executive meeting where the recognition hearing will occur.  
Be prepared to answer the following questions:
           What is the purpose of the club?
           What does the club plan to do to better Oregon Tech and the community?
           Who can be a member of the club?
           How much funding will the club need and why?

Tips on Recruiting Members

Use resources provided by your recognized status
           Advertise through campus outlets (see link for Campus Life Marketing Request Form)
           Be listed on the Campus Clubs page
           Create a profile on the Oregon Tech App
           Define what club membership will mean to your members (what is required of them)
           Engage with students within your area of interest
           Find local opportunities for students to get involved
           Go to ASOIT General Meetings and present your club during the public speakers portion
           Host an interactive table at the Super Club Sign Up events
​           Invite your friends, classmates, and fellow Owls to join!

Ongoing Recognition for Clubs:

To remain in good standing with ASOIT and Campus Life, clubs need to be sure to do the following every year:

1. Complete an online Student Organization Registration Form (link at right)
2. Submit the Student Organization Agreement Form (link at right; signatures required from club president and advisor) indicating that your organization agrees to the rules and regulations by which all recognized student organizations must abide (see RSO Handbook for more info).
3. Submit an updated constitution to asoit@oit.edu (sample constitution at right if needed)
4. Attend a 1-hour RSO training for student organizations - required for club presidents, treasurers, and advisors (see link at right for schedule) 
5. Attend at least 1 ASOIT general meeting per month (2 are scheduled each month).  
6. Complete at least 50 hours of community service per year.

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Events & Marketing:

Guidelines for Hosting Events

Event Approval Form must be completed for every event where budget money would be used, both on and off campus (this includes events, programs, and meetings). This form must be completed two weeks prior to the event.

Upon completion of the event, the group must turn the event approval form in to the Campus Life office, along with itemized receipts for purchases, an attendance sign-in sheet, a meeting/program agenda and any supporting information. Please answer the questions: who, what, when, where and why. Whenever an organization is putting on an event that requires a fee to participate, an Event Sign-Up Sheet is used by the cashier to keep track of those who have already paid.

Food may be served at two recruitment events and one end-of-year event per academic year. An exception to this rule is when an organization hosts a campus-wide event for which they have prepared a poster, flyer, electronic advertisement, EDGE ad or other evidence that shows that all Oregon Tech students were invited to participate.

Sodexo, our on-campus dining and catering service, has a contractual first right of refusal for catering any events and programs held on campus. This means that when planning to serve food at an event, your group must give first opportunity for catering to Sodexo. The catering manager may accept the job, or may pass and give your group permission to obtain food/catering from an outside source.

Groups wishing to obtain food and/or catering services from a business other than Sodexo must complete the Food Service Exception Form, found on the Campus Life website, and get all appropriate signatures, before making arrangements.

For catering with Sodexo, contact Tena Rolufson (catering manager) to determine the type of service and number of volunteers needed. During this meeting, table set-up, linen requirements, number of volunteers needed for set up, meal service, and clean up should be discussed. *Your group should go to this meeting prepared with a specific budget amount available for food and a number of expected guests/participants to be served.

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Event Forms

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Additional Resources for Events

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Budget requests for all campus clubs and student programs are submitted to the Financial Allocations Committee (FAC). At the conclusion of budget hearings, the FAC makes recommendations to the ASOIT President regarding Incidental Fee (IF) allocations to clubs and programs. The ASOIT President then calls a meeting of the Incidental Fee Committee (IFC). The IFC is authorized to make recommendations to the President of Oregon Tech on the proper allocation of Incidental Fee money in the areas of Athletics, the College Union, and Campus Life. The ASOIT President then makes IF recommendations to the President of Oregon Tech, who in turn takes the recommendations to the Chancellor of the Oregon University System.

See the Budget Request webpage for more information and the current year's timeline.

Incidental Fee Funding Evaluation Criteria

The following criteria are used in evaluating a program or activity seeking IF funding:
1. What is the need of the program?
2. What is the number of students that the program will represent or affect?
3. What is the impact of the program on student life?
4. What are the mission and goals for improving student life?
5. What kind of commitment is required of a staff or faculty member to participate in the program?
6. What are the funds being used for?
7. Will the funds be used to provide monetary support for the program in that current year, or to purchase items that will be used over multiple years?

Incidental Fees Budget Guidelines

In order for a program to apply for IF funds, the following requirements must be met:
1. The program must be currently recognized by ASOIT and remain in good standing.
2. Requests for funding must utilize the required format set by the current ASOIT Finance Officer. The Finance Officer must approve any modification to this format.
3. The reason for IF funding must be fully explained and justified. This should include a listing of all sources of income and any expenses the program expects to incur. Cost estimates must be specific and accurate.
4. All activities should benefit program members and potentially all Oregon Tech students.
Club Budget Process
Clubs applying for budgets are applying for Incidental Fee (IF) Funds. Maximum funding is $1,500 per club per academic year (after a club’s first year of recognition). IF funding will be evaluated on the club’s needs based on purpose, the number of students affected or represented and the level of commitment to the club and campus.
Club budget requests are submitted annually to the ASOIT Finance Officer.

Club Accounts (SAC Accounts)

SAC accounts are the club, organization, and program financial accounts, monitored by Business Affairs.  SAC accounts are the only approved "bank" accounts for club/program activity.  All club monies must be deposited into SAC accounts.  Any funding allocations will be distributed into SAC accounts according to the club budget request process.  Club allocations are distributed throughout the academic year so clubs will not receive their entire allocation until the end of spring term.  If your club needs to access funding that hasn't been distributed yet, seek advising from Campus Life.

Cash Deposits to SAC Accounts​

A deposit form is available for clubs to use in preparation for depositing funds from a fundraiser or donation. It is highly recommended that clubs have this form at the START of an event/fundraiser so that it can be completed before going to the Cashier’s office. This will help make the deposit more efficient, and can help clubs to verify dollar amounts immediately following an event.

All cash deposits should be made within 24 hours of collection, and must be given in a sealed bag or locked bag. When you make deposits in a timely manner, you reduce the risk of losing or misplacing funds. In the event that the cashier’s office is closed, your advisor may be able to store your funds in a safe place. You may also store funds temporarily in the Campus Life safe, but only if the Cashier office is closed.

If you are hosting an event where you’ll need to make change, you can check out a cash box from the Cashier office. Please email the Cashier at cashier@oit.edu at least two days prior to the event. After the event or fund raising activity has concluded for the day, deposit your funds within 24 hours. If you have questions or need help please see the Director of Campus Life. 

Making purchases with the Club Purchasing Card (P-Card)

Use of Purchasing Cards (P-Cards): a club advisor may request the use of a P-card for purchasing. These cards are managed by Campus Life, and may be checked out and used by a club advisor only, on behalf of the club. Any advisor who wishes to be an approved P-card user must contact Denise Reid to get set up and approved for use.

Once purchases are made with a P-card, the advisor must return the card and receipts immediately to Campus Life, and complete a short form that explains the details and purpose of the purchases made. Campus Life will then process the reconciliation of the related charges.

Special Consideration Funding

Special consideration funding is available for clubs that are just starting out, clubs that didn't receive a budget for the current year, and clubs that have or expect to incur unanticipated costs. To apply for special consideration funds, clubs must be officially recognized and in good standing. They must complete a Special Consideration Funding Form and submit it to the ASOIT Finance Officer.  Requests must be made at least two weeks prior to the event or purchase in order to allow time for processing, and no money will be reimbursed after an event has occurred or purchase has been made.

Reimbursing Travel Costs

See the travel tab for information on reimbursing travel expenses for club members.

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For student travel related to an academic program (e.g., conference, academic club competition), assistance is available from an academic support staff person for making travel arrangements and payment. Your advisor is often a faculty member and can therefore work through respective department support staff to arrange for assistance. For student travel not related to academics (e.g., campus clubs and student programs), assistance is available in the Campus Life Office (1st floor, College Union) for making travel arrangements and payment.

If student travel is international in nature, please contact Risk Management for more information and instruction.

There are 4 main parts of travel planning (see the "Travel details/resources" section below for more information on each area):

  1. Student Travel Approval Form
  2. Student Travel Itinerary/Emergency Contact Waiver Form
  3. Driver Certification Form
  4. Reservations & Payments

    Travel details/resources:

Student Travel Approval Form

Please complete and submit the Student Travel Form at least 10 Days Prior to Travel. Form is located on website: www.oit.edu/student-travel

Once the Budget Authority signatures are on the form, your group may begin making reservations and paying registration fees as necessary. The Budget Authority is either the Director of Campus Life (for travel related to campus clubs or student programs) or a Department Chair (for travel related to an academic department trip/conference/competition). The Student Travel Approval Form must be submitted to the Student Affairs Office, College Union 217. The VP for Student Affairs/Dean of Students will review and sign approval for the trip.

Student Travel Itinerary/Emergency Contact Waiver Form

Please complete and submit the Student Travel Itinerary/Emergency Contact Waiver Form at least 10 Days Prior to Travel. Form is located on website: www.oit.edu/student-travel

The Student Travel Itinerary/Emergency Contact Waiver must be submitted to the Campus Safety Office, Cornett Hall 231.
Please include a travel route via Google Map, include rest stops and overnight stops. If traveling by plane, please include a print-out of flight information. If traveling by other means of transportation, please provide details. Please keep in mind that students may only drive 7-passenger vehicles and only 300 miles per driver per day.

Driver Certification Form

Each Driver must complete a Driver’s Certification Form. This is an annual form (September – August) that must be submitted yearly. Form is located on website: www.oit.edu/student-travel

The Driver Certification Form must be submitted to the Campus Safety Office, Cornett Hall 231.

Reservations & Payments

The Business Affairs Office (BAO) does not permit Group Travel Cards to be checked out to students.  A travel card may be checked out and used by a club/program advisor (an Oregon Tech employee), and may be used toward all expenses directly related to the travel/conference/trip.  If an advisor will not be traveling with the group, then expenses must be paid for in advance or as reimbursement upon return from the trip.  See below for details on specific allowances related to these expenses.
Hotel, Rental Car, Flight and Registration Fees must be arranged and paid for prior to travel.


If making a reservation on an online site like Priceline.com, the cost of the hotel stay may be paid for in advance, and can be done with the use of a Group Travel Card on campus.  Keep in mind that using this method to reserve hotel rooms is usually non-refundable – so please be sure that travel plans for the group are firm before booking.

If an advisor is traveling with the group, then the hotel can be reserved on a Group Travel Card and the advisor can take the Group Travel Card with them on the trip to present for final payment at the hotel.

Sharing rooms (multiple travelers per room) is not required, but can definitely help with your overall budget for the trip.  There is a maximum allowable cost per room of $120, regardless of the number of people in the room.*  If the price per room will be over that amount, you must email the Director of Business Affairs at michelle.meyer@oit.edu and make an Exception Request.  Her approval of the exception must be printed and submitted along with the payment paperwork.

*An exception to this rule is if the hotel is serving as the host site for the conference and the price per night is above $120.  In this case, an Exception Request is not required, but proof that the hotel is the conference host site is required.

Regardless of the method of paying for hotel reservations, hotels normally require that a credit card be presented for incidental charges to the room (food, movies, etc.).  We recommend that a debit card is not used for this purpose, as most hotels will charge an amount to the card to ensure that it has sufficient funds.  An actual credit card is better for this. *Incidental charges to hotel rooms are generally not reimbursable, and should be avoided.

Rental Car(s)

Rental vehicles may be reserved and billed directly to Oregon Tech, with payment being processed after the trip.  Both of these rental companies work with us for direct billing:

Hertz (at the Klamath Falls airport): 541-882-0220
Enterprise (on S. 6th St): 541-850-9000

Both companies now have drop boxes for returning vehicles, so cars can be dropped off after hours without additional charges incurred.

Enterprise is closed on Saturdays & Sundays, but will work with groups based on the drop box information above.


Groups are no longer required to obtain quotes from a travel agency prior to booking flights, but Oregon Tech does still work with Azumano Travel as an option if groups would like assistance with making travel arrangements. In general, direct booking through online travel sites is typically cheaper. Remember that no flight reservations should be made before obtaining budget approval through the Student Travel Approval Form.

Don’t forget to include baggage fees in your budget planning, unless the group agrees that those costs will be paid out-of-pocket by each participant.

Registration Fees

Registration fees may be paid from a Group Travel Card here on campus if the conference host organization accepts credit cards for payment.

If a check is required for registration, you must obtain an invoice from the conference host organization to submit for payment to be processed.  In that case, a Vendor Setup Form must also be completed by the conference host organization in order to get them set up in our system to be paid.  The Vendor Setup Form is located on the website: http://www.oit.edu/faculty-staff/ba/ap/invoice-payment


Student meals are not reimbursable.  If a club advisor (employee) attends the trip, they may check out a Group Travel Card and meals may be purchased from the club’s budget (as approved in advance).

A Travel Reimbursement Request form must be submitted for any reimbursements required.  Receipts for parking, taxi, and shuttle must be included with this form in order to process reimbursements.  The link to the form is in the Resource box at right, or on the website at http://www.oit.edu/faculty-staff/ba/ap/travel-reimbursements.

For all travel, timely submission of paperwork for reimbursement is expected.  All reimbursement paperwork should be submitted within one week of return from travel.

When traveling by car:
When traveling with a rental vehicle(s), fuel receipts must be turned in for reimbursement.

When traveling by personal vehicle, fuel receipts are not required; you will be reimbursed for mileage.  Mileage reimbursement takes into account fuel as well as wear and tear to your vehicle.  See the “Travel Reimbursement Rates” link at right for details on short trip and long trip mileage reimbursement.

Remember that when traveling by car, all drivers must have submitted the Driver Certification Form (as outlined above), and cannot drive more than 300 miles per day per driver.  If a trip is in excess of 300 miles one way, the group must have enough approved drivers to split up the trip into segments in order to meet this requirement.

Work for a Student Program:

Student Programs are organizations that have a larger scope and responsibility on campus.

Each student program has a student director and paid student staff; office space on campus; and a larger budget with which to work. They are responsible to create programs and resources that meet the needs of a specific campus constituency or area. The student directors all participate as a part of SPEC – the Student Programs Executive Council – where they meet monthly with the Director of Campus Life to collaborate and work together to address the needs of the Oregon Tech student body.

To provide the best service possible to students, employers, faculty and alumni, Career Services coordinates programming related to student employment and graduate success.  Go to the Career Services website to view available jobs online.

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