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For more information on any of these topics please refer to the RSO Handbook.

General Job Application - Campus Life and Programs

How to Start a New Club

Students wishing to have a new Campus Club officially recognized must complete the following steps (all materials/links may be found at www.oit.edu/studentorgs):

  1. Complete an online Student Organization Registration Form;
  2. Submit a proposed constitution for the organization (email to asoit@oit.edu);
  3. Attend a 1-hour training for student organizations (information on scheduled training can be found at www.oit.edu/studentorgs);
  4. At the training you attend, you must submit the Student Organization Agreement Form (which includes signatures from the club president and advisor) indicating that your organization is aware of and agrees to the rules and regulations by which all recognized student organizations must abide.
  5. Attend two general meetings and one executive meeting where the recognition hearing will take place (conducted by ASOIT officers). Associate Clubs must attend one general meeting and one executive meeting. Be prepared to answer the following questions:
    • What is the purpose of the club?
    • What does the club plan to do to better Oregon Tech and the community?
    • Who can be a member of the club?
    • How much funding will the club need and why? (For Campus Clubs only; Associate Clubs are not eligible for Incidental Fee funding.)
      • New club startup funding is typically $100 per quarter for the club’s first year of recognition:
        • $300 for clubs recognized during Fall
        • $200 for clubs recognized during Winter
        • $100 for clubs recognized during Spring

How to Plan an Event

New to planning events? Need resources on how, when and who to plan events with? Click on any of the links below for more information:

Maintaining Club Recognition

In order for clubs to remain in good standing at Oregon Tech, they must re-register annually and meet the ongoing requirements of recognized clubs. For the full list of requirements, see the RSO Handbook.

Special Consideration Funding

Special consideration funding is available for clubs that are just starting out, clubs that didn't receive a budget for the current year, and clubs that have or expect to incur unanticipated costs. To apply for special consideration funds, clubs must be officially recognized and in good standing. They must complete a Special Consideration Funding Form and submit it to the ASOIT Finance Officer.  Requests must be made at least two weeks prior to the event or purchase in order to allow time for processing, and no money will be reimbursed after an event has occurred or purchase has been made.

Cash Deposits to SAC Indexes

A deposit form is available for clubs to use in preparation for depositing funds from a fundraiser or donation. It is highly recommended that clubs have this form at the START of an event/fundraiser so that it can be completed before going to the Cashier’s office. This will help make the deposit more efficient, and can help clubs to verify dollar amounts immediately following an event.

All cash deposits should be made within 24 hours of collection, and must be given in a sealed bag or locked bag. When you make deposits in a timely manner, you reduce the risk of losing or misplacing funds. In the event that the cashier’s office is closed, your advisor may be able to store your funds in a safe place. You may also store funds temporarily in the Campus Life safe, but only if the Cashier office is closed.

If you are hosting an event where you’ll need to make change, you can check out a cash box from the Cashier office. Please email the Cashier at cashier@oit.edu at least two days prior to the event. After the event or fund raising activity has concluded for the day, deposit your funds within 24 hours. If you have questions or need help please see the Director of Campus Life. 

Making purchases with the Club Purchasing Card (P-Card)

Use of Purchasing Cards (P-Cards): a club Advisor may request the use of a P-card for purchasing. These cards are managed by Campus Life, and may be checked out and used by a club advisor only, on behalf of the club. Any advisor who wishes to be an approved P-card user must contact Denise Reid to get set up and approved for use.

Once purchases are made with a P-card, the advisor must return the card and receipts immediately to Campus Life, and complete a short form that explains the details and purpose of the purchases made. Campus Life will then process the reconciliation of the related charges.

Travel Guidelines

Forms and processes for University-related travel are managed by the Department of Campus Safety. Visit Travel Resources for more information.

Reimbursement of Travel Expenses

Two forms are required for reimbursements of travel costs; the travel authorization and travel reimbursement form. The Authorization form must be filled out prior to traveling and the Reimbursement form is a follow up to be completed and turned in within five days of travel.

Meals/Food Allowance

The State of Oregon allows students and employees a per diem allowance for food when traveling. Current per diem amounts are $13 for breakfast, $13 for lunch, and $26 for dinner (per person). Clubs may choose to request lower per diem amounts for trips in order to reduce the total amount spent on food from their organization’s budget.

Conferences and competitions often provide some meals as part of their agenda. Hotels often provide breakfast as part of your stay as well. Club officers should take this into consideration when calculating meals that are not provided and vote on a per diem that fits their club budget.

To pay for meals during travel, advisors can request a cash advance. The advisor, or Campus Life staff, may utilize an ATM to obtain a cash advance to cover the total amount. Receipts for a cash advance should be submitted with the credit card statement (original) and travel paperwork (copy, with a note stating where the original is).

Guidelines for hosting events

Event Approval Form must be completed for every event where budget money would be used, both on and off campus (this includes events, programs, and meetings). This form must be completed two weeks prior to the event.

Upon completion of the event, the group must turn the event approval form in to the Campus Life office, along with itemized receipts for purchases, an attendance sign-in sheet, a meeting/program agenda and any supporting information. Please answer the questions: who, what, when, where and why. Whenever an organization is putting on an event that requires a fee to participate, an Event Sign-Up Sheet is used by the cashier to keep track of those who have already paid.

Food may be served at two recruitment events and one end-of-year event per academic year. An exception to this rule is when an organization hosts a campus-wide event for which they have prepared a poster, flyer, advertisement, Tech News Daily announcement, EDGE ad or other evidence that shows that all Oregon Tech students were invited to participate. 

Sodexo, our on-campus dining and catering service, has a contractual first right of refusal for catering any events and programs held on campus. This means that when planning to serve food at an event, your group must give first opportunity for catering to Sodexo. The catering manager may accept the job, or may pass and give your group permission to obtain food/catering from an outside source.

Groups wishing to obtain food and/or catering services from a business other than Sodexo must complete the Food Service Exception Form, found on the Campus Life website, and get all appropriate signatures, before making arrangements.

For catering with Sodexo, contact David Hveem (catering manager) to determine the type of service and number of volunteers needed. During this meeting, table set-up, linen requirements, number of volunteers needed for set up, meal service, and clean up should be discussed. *Your group should go to this meeting prepared with a specific budget amount available for food and a number of expected guests/participants to be served.


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