Week 1 Challenge

Physical Challenge

1pt for every 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity

2pts for every 30 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity

2pts for every 30 minutes of anaerobic activity

2pts for every 30 minutes of flexibility exercise

Can I combine these activities for overall points?

Yes, you can!! If you want to walk for 45 minutes then stretch for 15 minutes, you have just completed 1 hour of exercise and have earned a total of 3 points.

Another example would be walking to a yoga class. If it takes you 15 minutes to walk to class, then you participate for a full hour and then walk 15 minutes back you have just earned a total of 5 points. (1 point for 30 minutes of moderate walking and 4 points for participating in the 60 minute yoga class.)

Please keep in mind that if you are getting paid for your walking, lifting, carrying;  then these don’t count towards points, e.g. your mailman couldn’t earn points by walking he route, but he would earn points if he walked to work. 

Please note: In order to count for Healthy Active Points a person should move at least 15 minutes non-stop. Walking between classes or “to and from” your car won’t count unless you make a conscious effort to park far enough away, so that the walk takes at least 15 minutes. So, for the next 5 weeks count on parking “in the back forty” and walking in, this will add points for your team and help take inches off your waistline.

Nutrition Challenge

This weeks challenge is very fluid—in fact it is all about fluids (liquids) in general.

Consumable liquids are our first challenge and the best liquid for the body is WATER. The first part of
this challenge is to ensure that your body is getting enough water.  This will continue through ALL 5 WEEKS.  Get 8 points every day that you drink at least 64 oz of plain water.

Additionally, we would like everybody to be more aware of their caffeine and liquid calorie consumption. Part of the challenge this week will be consuming less caffeine. Here is a general guide to caffeine consumption or click on the link below for a more detailed guide.

  • One mug of instant coffee: 100mg
  • One mug of filter coffee: 140mg
  • One mug of tea: 75mg (this would be a typical “brown” tea)
  • One can of cola: 40mg
  • One can of energy drink: 80mg
  • One 50g bar of plain (dark) chocolate: around 50mg
  • One 50g bar of milk chocolate: around 25mg


It's time to break those caffeine habits.  Get 6 points for each day that you consume no caffeinated beverages

You will lose 2 points for each 8oz of caffeinated beverage that you consume 


To Summarize:

8 points for each day you consume at least 64 oz of plain water
6 points for each day that you consume no caffeinated beverages (lose 2 points for every 8 oz of caffeinated beverage consumed)