Wilsonville Campus

Please Note: Oregon Tech is no longer offering the voluntary student health Insurance plan. International Students continue to be required to purchase student health insurance.

Health and Wellness Resources at Wilsonville

Oregon Tech is invested in the health and well-being of its Wilsonville students. As a result, counseling services are now offered full-time through Student Support Services. To make a counseling appointment, call the Integrated Student Health Center at 541-885-1800, and indicate that you are a Wilsonville student who needs to meet with the counselor.

Also, health promotion events are offered on-campus at various times. For more information, contact Leanne Reed at 503-821-1250.

Using Your Insurance Plan Wisely

As a student at Oregon Tech, you are encouraged to use Geneva Health Centers as your first stop for medical care (unless it is an emergency). Because the student health fee that you pay covers most services, you usually do not have any additional payments. You will be referred to an off-campus provider if necessary for specialized medical care and certain tests.

If you go off-campus for health care services such as the hospital emergency room, urgent care center, or another clinic, show them your insurance card(s). Ask them if they will submit the bill to your health insurance on your behalf. Remember to:

  • Go to Geneva Health Center first, if possible.
  • If the health center is closed, go to:
    • Your local Walk-in / Urgent Care Center
    • Your local hospital Emergency Room (EMERGENCY ONLY)