Meet the Staff

Mohamed Alhosani
Student Director


Marhaba Al Saa’! I am Mohamed Alhosani, an international student from Dubai, UAE. I am a senior in the Dual Renewable Energy Engineering & Electrical Engineering Program. I plan to become an electrical power engineer after I graduate. I love learning about different cultures and languages, and I like to share mine with other people. I spend my free time reading mystery novels, cooking/baking, watching anime, or hanging out with friends. 

Grace Marisan


Hallo! My Name is Grace Marisan from Papua, Indonesia. This is my fifth year studying civil engineering and I am currently pursuing my master degree at Oregon Tech. My passion is to do civil engineering works related to water and environmental design. During my years living in United States, I have met many people and friends from different backgrounds and been fascinated by the diversities and similarities we share. Working with Diversity Center provides me opportunities to share and learn these diversities and similarities and to do something bigger for the community. I join several clubs at Oregon Tech such as International Club and OIT ASCE Club. I spent my free time with movies, music, and friends. 

Lodewijk Bloemzaad (LB)


Rose Brown

Brittany Young

Stephanie Chen


My name is Stephanie Chen! I am from San Francisco, California and an American-Born Chinese. I was raised as a Buddhist in my family and I still practice this religion. Something to know about me is that I used to be on a year-round competitive swim team for five years, so I love to swim. My other hobbies are to draw, explore the outdoors, cooking/baking, and eating lots of different food. Last but not least, I am currently studying in the Respiratory Care program here at Oregon Tech.