Meet the Staff

Sarah Hole
Student Director


    Bonjour, Ciao, Aloha, As-salām 'alaykum, Shalom, Hei, Namaste! I am Sarah and a fun little fact about me is I love to get lost and find my way back.  I am driven individual who seeks to make a difference in my communities and world. I can not resist dancing in the rain, trying new things, traveling and enjoying the small moments in life. I hail from sunny San Diego, California and the misty hills of Port Orchard, WA. I am majoring in International Communication.

Stephanie Chen

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    My name is Stephanie Chen! I am from San Francisco, California and an American-Born Chinese. I was raised as a Buddhist in my family and I still practice this religion. Something to know about me is that I used to be on a year-round competitive swim team for five years, so I love to swim. My other hobbies are to draw, explore the outdoors, cooking/baking, and eating lots of different food. Last but not least, I am currently studying in the Respiratory Care program here at Oregon Tech.

Grace Marisan


   Hello! My Name is Marisan(Grace) Elisabeth and I am from Papua, Indonesia. This is my senior/fourth year studying Civil Engineering and Environmental Science at Oregon Tech. Before enrolling at Oregon Tech, I went to Corban University and studied Mathematics for a year. During my 4-ish years living in United States, I have met many people and friends from different backgrounds and been fascinated by the diversities and similarities we share. I believe that knowledge and love are the bridge of humanity. Working with Diversity Center provides me opportunities of “sharing and learning” to do something bigger. Furthermore, I participate in International Club, OIT ASCE student chapter, and Christian Fellowship. And, I enjoy spent my free time with movies, music, and friends. 

Said Aden


    My name is Said Aden and originally am from Somalia. That is located in the horn of Africa. I have been in the living in Beaverton since high school so I spent while here in the U.S. I am pursuing engineering degree here at OIT. I like to do a lot but to mention some, I like to play soccer and run at the track once I am not that busy with my school work. I also like to swim thought am not that good at it. Volunteering is another aspect of my life that I really value a lot because it the only way we give back each other the service we ought to give back to humanity. I have been living in Klamath Falls for the past three months and I like it so far.

Saud Alsobaie


  Hala! My name is Saud Alsobaie and I'm an international student from Saudi Arabia and I'm a junior in Software Engineering. I moved to Klamath Falls straight from Riyadh (The capitol of Saudi Arabia) and have grown to love this town and its people. I'm a huge Movie/TV addict and I play video games quite frequently. I also like to draw and do graphic design on the side. I'm the kind of guy who's usually open to any and everything.

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