Oregon Tech Student Veterans Program (SVP)

SVP Officers

Tyler Pinson, SVP Director

B.S. Civil Engineering

US Air Force 2009-Present


Tyler (23) was born on Ellsworth Air Base located in South Dakota. He joined the Air National Guard in 2009 as a Munitions Inspector. He is currently still in the Air Force Guard as a Senior Airman (E-4) and still finds time to attend Oregon Tech as a full time student.

tyler military

He is currently in his Junior year as a student in the B.S. Civil Engineering program. Along with getting his B.S., Tyler is also working towards a minor in resource management.

Tyler is the current Director after serving as the Public Relations Officer during his sophomore year but started off as the campus representative. He is dedicated to serving the SVP and the veterans of Klamath Falls because of what the military has offered him.

Austin Anderson, V.A. Rep. Assistant

B.S. Mechanical Engineering
US Army 2005-2010

Austin was born in McMinnville, OR and joined the Army in 2005 as a Airborne Infantryman. He deployed in the 2007 surge into Baghdad, Iraq and remained there for 15 months. He deployed yet again this time to Anbar Province for 12 months in 2009. 

Austin is finishing his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and hopes to someday work in the energy production industry. 


amber1Amber Duguay, SVP Events Coordinator 

B.S. Biology – Health Science

US Army 2004 – 2007



Amber (28) was born in San Pedro, California. She joined the Army as a Mortuary Affairs Specialist. Shortly after boot camp, Amber was sent to Louisiana for Hurricane Katrina & Rita search and recovery of the deceased.

Amber is a full-time, wife, mother, student and the secretary of the Health Science Club at OIT. She is currently in her junior year as a student in the Biology – Health Science major at Oregon Tech.


SVP Treasurer (Vacant)