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The Cross Cultural Group is a new Women’s Group under the Women’s Resource Center at Oregon Tech. It was formed in September 2013 with the intent of bringing Oregon Tech women together. Our plan is to organize events that will bring women together to experience cultural exchange. The Cross Cultural Women’s Group is coordinated by three international students that carry out activities from their traditional cultures (Honduran, Arabic and Indonesian) and other cultures as well.

Our goal is to share culture through food, art, music, dance and fun activities. Past activities have included henna, woodchip art, threading, belly dancing, and cultural refreshments. We begin our events with an introduction, describing what the event consists of and which country it is originally from. During each event, we provide food that is related to the country from which the activity is from.

Students in Oregon Tech that attend our events learn from our cultures, but we learn from them as well. We strongly encourage you to join our warm and open environment!

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Our Events:

Café Concert: Cafe Concert is an event where international students sing songs in their language and play musical instruments. The idea is for students to come to relax, grab some refreshments, and experience a cultural exchange through music.

Latin Dance Session:
Latin Dance Session is a fun opportunity for women to come together. Attendees can learn some Latin moves by attending this free session. We invite a guest instructor to teach participants different Latin dances.

Metallic Flash Tattoos
: Metallic Flash Tattoos are innovative jewelry inspired temporary tattoos; it is a new trend that is spreading fast. Flash tattoos have a metallic glimmer and they come in several shapes. We provide attendees with metallic flash tattoos for them to get creative and make their own bracelet designs.

Henna Day: the Cross Cultural Group provides stencils with different shapes and symbols from which you can choose, to get your henna tattoos made by us.

Frequently recognized as Henna Tattoos, Mehndi, as it is known in India, is the latest trend yet its roots are centuries old and its practices, symbolism and traditions have been passed down through the ages by women.

Threading Day: experience an ancient method of hair removal, originated in the Middle East. You can come in to get your eyebrows done with thread.

Sawdust Carpet Day: originated in Europe and brought to Americas by the Spanish, sawdust carpets are carpets made of one or more layers of colored sawdust and/or other materials laid on the ground as decoration. We create Christmas, Valentines and other themed sawdust carpets.

Belly Dance Session: Belly dance is primarily a torso-driven dance, with an emphasis on articulations of the hips originated in the Middle East. Participants can come in and learn basic steps and incorporate them to a song at the end of the session.

Cultural Refreshment Day: We prepare traditional dishes from different countries and share it with everyone that comes to our event. While everyone eats we share where each dish originated from and some background.