WRC Calendar

Come to the first ever WRC sleepover party at 9 PM on Thursday, September 24th! Enjoy the delicious free food, crafts, and beauty stations, while getting to know upperclassmen and the environment of Oregon Tech. Take part in nail painting, hair chalk, and the spa bar while fun music and entertaining movies play in the background. Don’t forget to bring your friends and wear pajamas to this relaxing and beauty-filled sleepover event!

Make sure to stop by the WRC booth during Super-Club Sign-up on Sunday, September 27th! At our booth, there will be opportunities to meet the staff of the WRC, learn about upcoming events and activities, and even enjoy free henna body art. Become familiar with the WRC and get involved during your first year at Oregon Tech!

The WRC will be hosting a free yoga event during the first week of school on Wednesday, September 30th from 4-5 PM. Come out and enjoy relaxing music and a peaceful atmosphere under the sun and by Oregon Tech’s beautiful water fountain. Mats will be provided and prizes will be given out to participants! 

Check out out monthly calendar to see what else we have coming up!
WRC slumber pic