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How to Create an Account

To Register/Log In:

Click https://www.myinterfase.com/oit/employer

Your organization may already have an employer account. Once you register you will see a search bar where you can search by organization name. If your organization has an existing profile, you will register as a new contact. Don’t remember if you have ever registered as a contact? Send an e-mail to career@oit.edu, and we will check.

If your organization does not have a profile, click Can’t Find Your Organization and then create a brief profile. Your profile will have a Pending status until an administrator activates it. You may post jobs and internships while your account is pending.

To Post a New Job or Internship:

Select My Jobs then New Job, and complete required information.

To Edit or Re-Post a Job or Internship:

Select My Jobs then Job List, and select the job to be edited. In the left sidebar, click Copy Job and it will load as a new job with an edit button in the upper right corner of the forms. When a job is edited, it is reviewed by our staff before it is re-posted.

The Navigation Bar:

Note: some sections are available only to full-access employers (not third-party recruiters).
My Profile: Choose this menu option to update your contact information and password.
Student Search: Search current resumes of qualified students.
My Jobs: Create and edit your job postings. You will receive an automated email when your job is about to expire. To view resume referrals, open your job and select View Activity under Page Functions on the left.
Schedules: Request an on-campus interview date, manage schedules and resume submissions.
Career Events: Details on upcoming Career Fairs; online registration allows linking to jobs and schedules.

Job and Internship Posting FAQs:

I’m filling out a job for the first time. What are these fields?

Show Contact Info — Choose Yes to show your contact information. Choose No to hide it.
Allow Online Referrals — Choose Yes to allow students to apply via the system. You will receive an email as the students apply. Choose No if you prefer to receive resumes outside of the system, for example through your company website. Be sure to fill out the Application Instructions field, so that students know how to apply.

When will my job or internship post to students and alumni?

Once your job is approved by our office, we will change the status to Active and it will post on the Post Date listed. If the Post Date has passed, then it posts as soon as we accept it.

When will my job or internship posting expire?

When the default expiration date (30 days) is reached. You may edit this date if you want your job posted online for a longer or shorter period of time.

How do I close a job before the Expiration Date?

Click on you job to view the details. At the top of the job you will see [Close Job]. Click on that link to close your job. The status will change to “Closed by Employer” and it will no longer be available to students. Don’t forget to create a placement if you hired one of our students!

To Promote Your Job or Internship:

Once you have completed your posting, please contact Jennifer Kass (jennifer.kass@oit.edu) with the posting number. We will promote it to students.

The Home Page:

Once you have an active employer account, you will see several types of information when you logon:
Announcements: Check here for upcoming events and a welcome message.
Calendar: You will see jobs that are expiring for your company and upcoming Career Fairs.
Resource Library: Contains the NACE Principals for Professional Conduct for Career Services and Employment Professionals and other information.
I want to… This section includes: Report a Hire, View a Saved Search, and My Task List. Go to your task list to view resumes of students who have applied to your positions, to make pre-selections on your interview schedules, and to view incomplete event registrations.