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Welcome Faculty and Staff!

Looking for career development resources for your students?

We have added many resources to our website to help your students. Please explore links on this page to see what is available to them, and encourage your students to use them.

Need to hire a student employee?

Below is a list of procedures that should be followed by all student employee supervisors. Please see the links on this page for additional information and forms.

Recruiting students

  • See the Student Employment Guidelines for important legal information.
  • Decide on an hourly wage. Student employees must be assigned an hourly pay rate between $9.25 (minimum wage in Oregon) and $11.25 per hour. Exceptions are possible but must be approved prior to posting: see the Guidelines on this site for details.
  • Write a detailed position description. You will need this later for student performance reviews. Ask others if they have samples you can edit, or see the example on this site.
  • If you have never posted a position: Ask if there is a person in your department who manages the process. If not, you are welcome to create an account on Jobs4Owls to post yourself (see instructions on our this site). The employer is always Oregon Tech. You may also ask Career Services to post your position for you (please send your job description).
  • If posting yourself, use your detailed description to post a new job, or edit a previously posted job, on Jobs4Owls
  • Collect resumes and interview candidates. You may use a job application rather than review resumes. However, we encourage students to understand how to create resumes early on.
  • Select student employee(s) to hire.

After you hire a student

  • You will be e-mailed a Hire Form from Career Services after you post your job. The form clearly indicates which parts must be completed by the department, and which by the student. Complete the form. If you are hiring multiple students for the same position, you may copy the form as long as it has not expired.
  • Klamath Falls: Send student with completed Hire Form to Payroll to complete payroll forms.
  • Wilsonville: Send student with completed Hire Form to the Business Affairs office (Stephanie McHenry) to complete paperwork.
  • Conduct your department’s student training. Include training in policies, forms, and technology, and be clear about your expectations. Provide written training materials whenever possible for reference. If your student employee will have access to any student directory information, such as grades, they MUST complete online student FERPA training.

Resources for Your Students