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Need to hire a student employee?

Below is a list of procedures that should be followed by all student employee supervisors. Please see the links on this page for additional information and forms.

Recruiting students

  1. See the Student Employment Guidelines for important legal information.
  2. Decide on an hourly wage. Minimum wage varies by location. As of July 1, 2017, minimum wage will be $10.00 in Klamath Falls and $11.25 in Wilsonville. Pay Rate Exception Requests signed by Brian Fox prior to posting are required for wages of more than $2.00 over the minimum wage.
  3. Write a position description. You will need this later for student performance reviews. Think about all the information a potential applicant might want to know: is this a current or future position, how many hours per week, what skills are required, what majors qualify, is the job only for students with Federal Work Study awards, etc. In general: Responsibilities, Qualifications, and Application Instructions.
  4. NEW: We will be posting your job for you. Click the link to Post a New Oregon Tech On Campus Job. This form will generate the information we need to post your job for you. Even if the job description has not changed, please complete the form to ensure post dates, wages, and other information are correct.
  5. Collect resumes and interview candidates. You may use a job application rather than review resumes. However, we encourage students to understand how to create resumes early on.
  6. Select student employee(s) to hire.
  7. Notify students who were not hired.

After you hire a student

NOTE: Your student hire may not begin work until they are approved by Payroll. If they have never worked on campus, this can take some time, since students need to provide proper ID for their I-9 form and many students do not have documents with them on campus.

You will be e-mailed a Hire Form from Career Services after you post your job. The form clearly indicates which parts must be completed by the department, and which by the student. Complete the form. If you are hiring multiple students for the same position, you may copy the form as long as it has not expired. A copy of your Hire Form will be saved to the T:/Career_Services/Hire Forms, and if you misplace yours you will be able to retrieve it.

Klamath Falls: Send student with completed Hire Form to Payroll (Snell Hall) to complete payroll forms.

Wilsonville: Send student with completed Hire Form to the Business Affairs office (Trish Hower for now) to complete paperwork.

See Additional Forms and Information on the right for a Employment Agreement and Training Checklist. Conduct your department’s student training. Include training in policies, forms, safety, and technology, and be clear about your expectations. Provide written training materials whenever possible for reference.

If your student employee will have access to any student directory information, such as grades, they MUST complete online student FERPA training, and if they will be using social media such as posting to your Facebook page, they must review the Social Media Guidelines. Other required training varies by position.

Send an email to helpdesk@oit.edu about your new hire:
include the supervisor’s name, the student’s name and ID#, start date, print index, and T: drive access required. For Wilsonville students, if they will need to print for their jobs, let Trish Hower know so that she can authorize them.

Looking for career development resources for your students?

We have added many resources to our website to help your students. Please explore links on this page to see what is available to them, and encourage your students to use them.

Post a Student Job

If you do not get enough applicants:
Please let us know and we can extend the post expiration date and do some marketing. 

If you need to re-post the same job, but some time has passed:
Use Post a Job above to ensure that all information remains current and correct.