Fire Safety

It is the policy of Oregon Tech to provide faculty, staff, students and visitors with the safest possible environment, free from potential fire hazards. The primary goal of the University’s Fire Prevention Program is to recognize hazardous conditions and take appropriate action before such conditions result in a fire emergency. This goal is accomplished by conducting periodic fire safety inspections of all University buildings and increasing the fire safety awareness of employees and students by conducting periodic training on basic fire safety. Regular inspections and maintenance is performed on fire safety equipment

The Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 requires Oregon Tech to maintain a fire incident log, annually publish a fire safety report and report fire statistics annually. The fire log includes the date the fire was reported, time, the nature of the fire and general location of each fire. Entries are made within two business days of the receipt of the report. The fire log for the most recent sixty day period is available for public inspection during normal business hours (8:00 am to 5:00 pm) at the Risk Management Department office. Any portion of the log older than sixty days is available within two business days of receipt of an informational request. The Campus Fire Safety Annual report complies with the fire safety reporting requirements of the Department of Education regulations (34 CFR 668, subparts 46 and 49).

Student Housing Fire Safety Systems

OIT Residential Facilities Alarm System Monitored by Off-Site Firm Full Sprinkler System1 Partial Sprinkler System2 Smoke Detectors Fire Extinguishers Evacuation Plans/Placards # of Required Fire Evacuation Drills
Traditional Residence Hall X
X X X X 4
Village Apt. 1* X X
X X X 4
Village Apt. 2* X X
X X X 4
Village Apt. 3* X X
X X X 4

  1. Full sprinkler system is defined as having sprinklers in both the common areas and individual rooms.
  2. Partial sprinkler system is defined as having sprinklers in common areas only.
    * Buildings were under construction and unoccupied during 2008.