Vehicle Regulations

All faculty, staff and students of Oregon Institute of Technology are required to be knowledgeable of, and abide by, the traffic regulations listed.

General Parking Regulations

All persons who park on campus must display an Institute parking permit. Hang permit from rear view mirror permits number facing to the front of vehicle.

  1. Permits may only be used on registered vehicles.
  2. Drivers must obey all posted speed limits.
  3. Drivers must obey all posted traffic and parking signs.
  4. Curbs painted red are "No Parking" zones.

The Following Practices are Prohibited:

  1. Backing vehicles into parking spaces.
  2. Driving on any lawn or sidewalk area.
  3. Parking overtime in 15-minute zones.
  4. Straddling space lines.
  5. Parking a vehicle in a reserved space or area unless authorized.
  6. Blocking traffic in loading zones or driveways.
  7. Displaying a permit on a vehicle not registered on campus.
  8. Parking a second car on campus without a permit.
  9. Exceeding posted speed limits.
  10. Driving the wrong way on a one-way street.