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Services and Programs

Campus Safety Mission
The mission of the Campus Safety Department is to support the educational mission of the University. This is accomplished by providing for the safety, security and maintenance of order to the campus community, including faculty, staff, students and visitors. Campus Safety promotes safety and security on campus through consultative services, educational programs, emergency and non-emergency response services, problem solving and enforcement of Oregon Tech policies and rules and appropriate State and Federal regulations and laws.

Campus Safety serves all students, staff, faculty and guests. The university employs full and part-time Campus Safety officers. Students assist with issuing temporary parking permits, weekend patrols and other safety-related responsibilities. Campus Safety operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, responding to campus incidents, including building alarms, crimes, injuries, illnesses, accidents, safety hazards and calls for assistance. Additionally, Campus Safety provides coordination with local law-enforcement agencies, crowd control, building inspections and parking enforcement.

Patrol Division

Oregon Tech's Patrol Division provides the following services:
  • patrol-division24/7 coverage for the campus community including weekends, holidays, campus closures (weather/earthquake/natural disaster).
  • Five Campus Safety Patrol officers with overlap shift times. Three on-call Security Officers that work special events and cover the permanent officers when they are out for any reason.

Job Duties:

  • Provide foot and vehicle patrol of campus grounds 24/7.
  • Patrols include the Traditional and Village buildings per invitation from Residence Life.
  • Investigate reported criminal activity including theft, assault, drug and alcohol issues.
  • Coordinate with the Klamath Falls Police Department with more serious criminal activities including sexual and aggravated assaults, harder drugs including distribution, DUII etc.
  • Emergency response.
  • Assist employees and staff with building, office and lab access after regular business hours.
  • Provide vehicle or walking escort (“Night Ride”) from point A-point B on campus (24/7), upon request.
  • Provide Special Event assistance (security detail) on campus. Events include basketball season security, Campus Life and Residence Life events (Haunted House, quad dances, gaming sessions).
  • Respond to students with concerns – even loneliness or depression (first time away from home).


The Annual Security Report (ASR) provides an in-depth report of Oregon Tech's campuses and the actual crime statistics that have occurred in a given academic year. The report also assists parents and students with making informed decisions on where they are sending their kids to school and how “safe” by statistics the schools have been.

It includes provided programs and presentations from a host of on-campus departments that include information for safety and resources to the victim/survivor for criminal activity including sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, etc. As required by federal law, the most current ASR is distributed to the campus community by October 1st of every year.

Common Questions

When should I contact an officer?


Call the office phone at 541.885.1111. Leave a message at the prompt. An officer is always on duty and should receive the call indication and message within 2-3 minutes at most.

If it is an EMERGENCY:

Call the officer by emergency line at 541.885.0911. An officer can also be reached by cell phone at 541.891.2143. Either option, the officer will be in connection with the caller by cell phone.

Does Campus Safety offer trainings?

Officers provide several training presentations:

  • Active Shooter: This training is interactive with its attendees. The officer provides a presentation, then real-life scenarios that cause those that participate to think through survival. Most attendees feel empowered after the presentation & scenario is concluded.
  • Self-Defense: The officer provides basic self-defense training that is interactive and fun for all participants.
  • Winter Weather Driving: For safe driving practices in snow and ice, this presentation provides basic defensive driving tips.
  • Parking at Oregon Tech: Coming soon! Watch for advertisement at the beginning of fall term.

Parking Services

Oregon Tech's Parking Services Division provides the following:
  • All parking programs at Oregon Tech.
  • Issues temporary parking permits.
  • Enforces parking regulations and city ordinances on campus.
    - Citations and written warnings
    - Towing and booting in extreme cases
  • Officer Christine Sawyers, Parking Representative, works M-F 8am-5pm. Office phone is 541.885.1551.
  • Patrol officers also enforce parking on campus along with citations and tow/booting. Hours 24/7

Things to know about Parking on Campus:

  • For the 2017-18 academic year, Student parking permits are $109.00 annually or $54.50 per term.
  • Grace period on campus incorporates the 1st week of classes each school term. Permits are required on all vehicles parked on campus by the 2nd week of classes each term.
  • Parking permits this year: “One Size Fits All”. No difference between Resident and all other parking areas. “First come, first served” concept.
  • Towing and booting is a possibility for vehicles in serious violation of regulations and/or city ordinances.
    1. If a vehicle is parked on campus and has received 3+ Oregon Tech citations in the academic year without a recorded parking permit or 5+ citations received within the academic year and has a recorded parking permit qualifies to be towed or booted. If booted, all fees must be paid at the Cashier’s Office before the boot is removed. A vehicle can also be towed off campus for the same violations.
    2. An extra fine of $60.00 applies to anyone that has received 3 citations in a given academic year.
    3. If you receive a citation, pay it! If you do not, a “hold” can be placed on your student account. Not good. You’d have to pay the citation and late fees before your account would be in good standing – including registering for another term of school.
    4. Questions about anything Parking, please ask! Don’t assume or think that we don’t care. Call Parking Services at 541.885.1551.
    5. Parking in an orderly fashion on campus makes for better traffic flow, less issues with parking and lowers potential for accidents. Enforcement is for good reason.