Amanda Collins

Amanda Collins


North Bend, Oregon


Applied Psychology

What does a scholarship mean to you?

A scholarship means a great deal to me, they have helped me through school. Without them I would not have been able to afford to attend college.

Why did you choose Oregon Tech?

I chose Oregon Tech due to the low faculty-student ratios, tuition rate, and an athletic scholarship. The small class sizes open up opportunities to ask questions and receive help from the professors. I also choose Oregon Tech due to the hands on learning style. I have been able to work in the field and receive experience in my future field.

What do you hope to do with this career?

After earning my Bachelor's, I am moving on to graduate school in Los Angeles, to earn a Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis. My experiences here at Oregon Tech have given me the basis that I need to succeed in my future goals.  I plan on earning my doctorate and working with children who have disabilities.

What do you like best about Oregon Tech?

The small classes and the willingness of the professors to help outside of the classroom.

What do you find most challenging about being a student here?

The most challenging thing about being a student is to find balance between my personal life, athletics, and being a student. As an athlete there are high expectations to do well in your classes, as well as high expectations from your professors.

What was your favorite class?

Behavior Modification I & II


I loved this class. You are able to apply the techniques you learned in class to an online rat and the next term in a preschool.

Do you live on campus?

I lived on campus as a freshman. I feel that it is important to live on campus at least one year to build new friendships and get involved.