Diedra Thompson

Dee Thompson

Graduate Year/Degree

1968, B.S., University of Oregon; 1974, MPA, University of Colorado; 1983, J.D. University of Denver


Attorney, retired

Prior Position/Company

Senior Attorney, Intel Corporation and Intel Foundation; Senior Attorney, Mobil Oil Corporation

Current Job/Volunteer Activities

Aspen Lakes Homeowners' Association – President; P.E.O., Chapter FS, Scholarship Committee – President;   Graduate Resource Organization - Board Member (raises money for scholarships for Sisters High School graduates); ASPIRE volunteer (mentor to Junior and Senior High School students regarding college attendance); Oregon Tech Foundation - Board Member

Serves as: (Oregon Tech Foundation Committee)

Scholarship Committee

Why it is important to me to be involved with the Oregon Tech Foundation

It is important to be involved in promoting and facilitating higher education because for my family, it paved the way to a better life.  Better by developing a profession that afforded a desirable lifestyle, a challenging career that also provided advancement opportunities and worldwide travel, and a stimulating accumulation of friends with diverse social and cultural backgrounds.  Because it worked for my family, I am convinced that it will also work for others who grow up with limited financial resources but are willing to work hard and behave wisely to achieve their goals.  I believe the American Dream is still possible to achieve.