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Unclassified Administrator Compensation

Managerial and Professional Positions

Job Family Range Position Title
A $28,287 $39,036 Sports Info, Market,Promotion Coord
Health Educator
Admissions Counselor
B $32,744 $45,187 Athletic Trainer
Alumni Relations & Scholarship Coordinator
Admissions Coordinator/Recruiter - Wilsonville
Financial Aid Counselor
Student Success Specialist
C $37,202 $51,339 Access Services Manager
Scholarship Officer/Financial Aid Counselor
Student Activities & Leadership Coordinator
Director of Athletic Development
Career Counselor
Senior Financial Aid Counselor
Operations Manager-Admissions
Residence Life Coordinator
Auxiliary Accounting Manager
CFLAT Coordinator
TOP Academic Specialist
Assistant Director-Admissions
Student Services Specialist - Wilsonville
D $41,660 $57,490 Accounting Manager - Development
Senior Engineer Geo Heat Center
Payroll Supervisor
Assistant Director-Financial Aid
Director of Donor Relations
Benefits Officer
Academic Specialist - DS Emphasis
Publications/Graphic Arts Manager
Manager of User Services & Academic Support
Accounts Receivable Manager
Renewable Energy Development Specialist
Associate Director Athletics
E $46,117 $63,642 Assistant Registrar/Admin Mgr - Wilsonville
Director of Marketing
Faculty Support Services Mgr
Senior Counselor
F $50,575 $69,793 Assistant Director of Business Affairs
Director of SBDC
Director of Campus Security
G $55,032 $75,945 Clinical Supervisor - Counseling
Director of Campus Life

Clerical and Technical Positions

Job Family Range Position Title
AA $30,144 $41,599 Administrative Asst
Youth Programs Coordinator
BB $32,375 $44,877 HR Coordinator
CC $34,605 $47,755 Student Program Assistant/Sevis Coordinator
Office Coordinator-ADM
Executive Secretary-VP Devel
Executive Secretary - VP FA
Administrative Coordinator
Executive Secretary - VP SA
DD $36,835 $50,832 Assistant Program Director-Boeing
Office Manager
CSET Lab Manager
Custodial Supervisor
EE $39,065 $53,910 Executive Ass't to Provost
Executive Ass't to the President
Business Manager
Executive Secretary to Deans
FF $41,296 $56,988 Maintenance Supervisor
Grounds Maintenance Supervisor