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Unclassified Administrator Compensation

Managerial and Professional Positions

Job Family Range Position Title
A $30,267 $41,769 TOP Assistant Academic Specialist
Sports Info, Market,Promotion Coordinator
Health Educator
Admissions Counselor
B $35,036 $48,350 Athletic Trainer
Academic Partnership Coordinator - KF
Admissions Coordinator
Financial Aid Counselor
Alumni Relations Manager
Coordinator of Peer Consulting
Coordinator of Testing Services
C $39,806 $54,933 Access Services Manager
Scholarship Officer/Financial Aid Counselor
Annual Giving Manager
Career Advisor
Student Engagement & Leadership Coordinator
Academic Partnership Coordinator - WIL
Industry Outreach & Govt Relations Manager
Senior Financial Aid Counselor
Academic Specialist
International & Diversity Coordinator
Program Manager - Development
D $44,576 $61,514 Manager of College Union
Asst Director Financial Aid
Benefits & Workers Compensation Manager
Disability Services Coordinator
Mgr User Services/Academic Support
Accounts Receivable Manager
Associate Director Athletics
Publications/Graphic Arts Manager
Assistant Director of Admissions-Recruitment
E $49,345 $68,097 Retention Coordinator
Assoc Director for Career Services
Ass't Dir of Admissions - Campus Visits & Programs
Assistant Registrar/VA Certifying Official
Assistant Director Student Services - WIL
Assistant Director of Admissions -Operations
Faculty Support Services Mgr
Assistant Director of Housing & Residence Life
Senior Counselor/Psychologist
Payroll Manager
TOP Coordinator
F $54,115 $74,679 Dir. Of Student Services - Wilsonville
Assistant Director of Business Affairs
Director of Campus Security
Assoc Director of Human Resources
G $58,884 $81,261 Director of Campus Life
Director of Inst. Research
Director of College Union
Senior Fiscal Manager
Director of Admissions
Director of Development
Dir of Sponsored Projects & Grants Administration
Senior Budget and Planning Officer
Assistant Registrar
Director Integrated Student Health Center
Director of Financial Aid
H $63,654 $87,843 Manager Application Support
Director Housing & Residence Life
Director of Student Success Center
Facilities Operations Manager
Manager Technical Support
Director Assessment
Director of Athletics
Dir Academic Agreements & Articulation
I $68,424 $94,425 University Registrar
Director of Oregon Tech Online
Director of Business Affairs
J $73,193 $101,007 Chief Human Resources & Civil Rights Officer
Director of Libraries
K $77,963 $107,589

Clerical and Technical Positions

Job Family Range Position Title
AA $32,254 $44,511
BB $34,641 $48,018 Office Coordinator
Employment & Records Manager
Exec. Assistant to AVP for Development
CC $37,027 $51,098 Office Coordinator-Admissions
Exec. Assistant to VP for Fin & Admin
Exec. Assistant to VP for Student Affairs
DD $39,413 $54,390 Exec. Assistant to VP for Wilsonville
CSET Lab Manager
Custodial Supervisor
Exec. Secretary to HAS Dean
EE $41,800 $57,684 Executive Ass't to Provost
Executive Ass't to the President
Facilities Business Manager
Executive Secretary to ETM Dean
FF $44,187 $60,977 Maintenance Supervisor
Grounds Maintenance Supervisor