Course Trend Data: HAS

Check back in the future as these graphs are currently being developed and will eventually be posted.

Data are no longer by college, but are displayed by location at the top of this list.

Course data are listed and graphs are interactive. The interactivity is impossible to achieve with a PDF document. Click on a bubble/s and slide/play the timeline at the bottom of the graph to see a trend-line, or to display the student count and course hours for a given term along the vertical and horizontal axis. At the top right of the graph is a button to change from bubble to bar to line graph. Also, change the horizontal or vertical axis to display a different relationship and timeline trend or change the scale to a log scale.

The color of the bubbles represent the grade point (A=4, B=3...F=0) average for the course by term selected. The size of the bubble represents class level (Senior=4, Junior=3...Freshman=1) average for the course by term selected. A red bubble indicates a higher GPA for the students in the course. A large bubble indicates an older student body in the course.

All data are Fall term for the respective year and are end-of-term (graded).