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Newly Admitted Student Data: 2011

Newly admitted students make up 40% of the students based on fall 4th week data. What courses these students are taking, since they are not in the banner system previously, might help for planning and scheduling purposes. The following data contains both tables and graphs to help display where course demand is based on Fall course enrollments for all newly admitted students.

Graphs display student count with size of the box (larger boxes are on the left and equate to more students). Color of the box represents credit hours (Blue is lower and Gold is higher credit hours). Left click on a department to drill down to individual courses and right click twice to return to department view. The header at the top of the graph details the location.

The table below has all course work taken by location and class standing for newly admitted students (including new students under non-admit status). FR-Freshman, SO-Sophomore, JR-Junior, SR-Senior, PB-Postbacs, NU(NG)-Nonadmit, GM-Masters.

Check back in the future as these graphs are currently being developed and will eventually be posted.

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