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OUS Institutions and P-12 Grade Trends in Oregon

This page will try and incorporate trends across all OUS institutions in an attempt to better inform by presenting the "big picture" for Oregon. This is a work in progress and will be developed over time using interactive google docs graphs and tables. The tables can be sorted by clicking in a column header. Graphs in google docs have more or less functionality depending on the graph chosen, but explore and you might be surprised at the functionality. For example, change the horizontal axis to %OregonStudents and play the timeline to see how it is trending over time compared to headcount trends (might have an impact on 40-40-20).

The color of the bubble represents the % of Oregon students (red bubble = more Oregon students). The size of the bubble represents % of transfer students (larger bubble = more transfer students)

OUS Institutions

OUS Degree/Completion Rates

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