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Federal Appropriations

Oregon Tech submitted four federal appropriations for consideration in Fiscal Year 2010. Below are brief synopses of the appropriations.

Oregon Institute of Technology Health Informatics Simulation Lab - $100,000

To support the newly launched Health Informatics undergraduate degree program and Medical Imaging and Clinical Lab programs.

Medical Laboratory Sciences Equipment - $480,000

To modernize equipment in use at the Portland OHSU/Oregon Tech facility for MLS and to outfit new laboratories in Klamath Falls.

Oregon Tech Green Technology Center - $500,000

Covers a portion of the cost of the building upgrades and equipment costs to construct three new laboratories at the Oregon Tech Portland East Campus.

Geothermal Power Generation Plant - $1,600,000

Federal funds would be used to construct a high-temperature geothermal power plant on the Oregon Institute of Technology campus. When the Geothermal Power Generation Project is complete, Oregon Tech will be the only campus in the world to satisfy all of its electricity needs from a geothermal energy source. The plant would provide 100% of the electricity demand on campus and would be the first geothermal power plant in Oregon.