Student Exit Surveys

Review Student Exit Survey Data

  • Login to MyOIT
  • Click on Faculty/Staff Tab
  • Click on Qualtrics
  • Open your 2016-17 Student Exit Survey – Program Name.
  • Click on "Reports"
  • Scroll down to find your program-specific questions. Among them will be questions pertaining to your Program Student Learning Outcomes, in addition to other questions your program has specified. You can capture the automatically-generated summary graphs to share with your program faculty.

Qualtrics Sample Data​​

To dig further into your student exit survey data:

  • View Results in different ways: Excel Raw Data or Report Tool


  • Excel Raw Data
  • Select Data & Analysis Tab
  • Click Export & Import
  • Click Export Data
  • Click Download Data Table
  • Open downloaded Excel File


  • Report Tool
  • Select Reports Tab
  • Click on a Question to view the toolbar of options to customize
  • You can remove questions and customize the look of questions
  • Export Report to PDF, Word or PowerPoint

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