Diverse Perspectives

Diverse Perspectives (2)


ESLO 6: Oregon Tech students will explore diverse perspectives.

Definition Recognition of diverse perspectives requires the self-awareness, intellectual flexibility, and broad knowledge that enables perception of the world through the eyes of others. This includes the awareness and understanding of the customs, practices, and viewpoints of varied cultures, individuals, and identities.

Criteria for Diverse Perspectives Assessment

The following are criteria used in the assessment of student work:
  • Recognize: Show awareness of one’s own perspectives.
  • Know: Demonstrate factual knowledge of the foundations of diverse perspectives.
  • Understand: Display understanding of others’ perspectives.
  • Apply: Apply factual knowledge and understanding of diverse perspectives to their interactions with others.

Pathway Requirements


  • 3 credits from Diverse Perspectives – Foundation list

Essential Practice:            

  • 3 credits from Diverse Perspectives – Essential Practice list                

Program-Integrated Practice:

  • 1 course, defined by program, that integrates diverse perspectives in the context of the major


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